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  1. Cool Marc, that looks just like my Dad! Regards
  2. Windy, its on that album with the snake in the glass apple on the front, I think. I've got that one somewhere. Regards
  3. I was in LA when the Use Your Illusion albums came out, and I had not seen anything like it ever. The whole of the 'strip' built it up for weeks, and when they came out hundreds of people went down to the big record shop (the name escapes me) and listened to both albums from start to finish, in the street at night! Regards
  4. When I am driving I play the air drums. Do you think I look like that when playing the imaginary bongos? Regards
  5. In a similar vein, 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' is an exceptional piece of cinema, and is based around music. Regards
  6. I saw 'The Killers' on a televised festival a few nights ago, and yes XXX, they are s**t hot! I've sussed out the Franz Ferdinand sound - its a cross between Talking Heads, bits of New Order, bits of Pulp and bits of CUD. Top band. Regards
  7. Either 'Armed Forces' by Elvis Costello and t' Attractions, or 'Tokyo Tapes' by t' Scorpions. I can't remember which, and I can't remember where either of them are either. As a teenager I sold loads of records to buy fishing tackle and these may have been two of them. I remember the guy in the shop saying he couldn't take some of the albums as he hadn't heard of them so didn't think he could sell them on. Probably right on reflection. The only upside is I caught the biggest Rudd ever seen on our marshes - a 2 lb monster on a maggot and size 16 hook! Regards
  8. Admit it Marc - you love it really! It does look suspiciously like a 'Nescafe' moment though. Regards
  9. I kid ye not, Gillian. I grew up with two sisters who were abba fanatics. 'The Album' and 'Arrival' are albums I don't own, but know every word of, a bit like 'Bat out of hell' but with less sweat and a better bum! I just like that song, thats all. Regards
  10. Hey people, don't knock abba, they were well ahead of their time, and produced some of the most enduring pure pop songs ever. One of my all time favourite songs is 'The day before you came', and I'm not even gay! Regards
  11. I'm a big Tim Buckley fan. He does it all, including some wonderfull ballards. Ry Cooder also. Regards
  12. I listened to 'After the Gold Rush' by Neil Young today on the radio. What a brilliant atmospheric song, and if it isn't about opiate dreams I am a rabbit! Regards
  13. It'd be more entertaining if a 'ring' existed, where persons having a cyber-tiff could duke it out and other people could watch if they wanted. You could even have cyber-tagging and a cyber-scoresheet. Seems like a great idea at the moment, but I haven't had any sleep so far tonight (and it is 7.30am) as my littlest has impetigo and a cold. Regards
  14. A man after my own heart, Donny! Free never get mentioned here, is it because they didn't make it big in the US? I don't know. Regards
  15. CD, I know we have disagreed on a few things in the past (your IRA sympathy springs to mind), but I can't imagine anybody would be sad enough to take this site so seriously as to issue a death threat!!! Who was it? I would love to know. Regards
  16. What about 'Viva'? Regards
  17. I'll agree with Living Colour. One of my all time favs is 'Love Rears Up It's Ugly Head' - a masterpiece! Regards
  18. My kids like Stuart Little, and they are usually fine judges of the cinematographic arts. Regards
  19. Sorry Joe, I don't know that one. What about 'In the City' and 'Down in the tubestation at midnight' by The Jam - both about experiences in s**t city, or 'Park Life' by Blur? Regards
  20. Ralph McTell, I think. Regards
  21. Almost anything by Ian Dury. Probably the most apt is 'The Bus-driver's Prayer', after his 'old man'. Check out: 'New Boots & Panties' & 'Do it Yourself' for inspiration. Or there is always 'Aint no love in the heart of the city' by Whitesnake. Don't know if is about London, but it fits! Regards
  22. A prize for quantity certainly. Regards
  23. Sorry to be pedantic folks, but: Great Britain - England, Scotland & Wales United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. British Isles - 'Great Britain' & Ireland plus one or two smaller ones. Hope that helps. Regards
  24. Ice cream - a decent vanilla (almost impossible to get nowadays) Last film in cinema - Shrek 2 (kids birthday treat, not a patch on the 1st one IMO) Peanut butter & jelly - you must be joking! 1st celebrity crush - Jane Mansfield at about 10 years old (from an old poster of my Dads) Ink - black. Favourite colour - carbon fibre £100 to spend in 5 minutes - second-hand record deck, as mine broke 5 years ago and I haven't replaced it yet. Favourite cereal - original Alpen with cold milk. Chose A, B or C - I really do not know. Quote - 'If you are not a Communist at 18 and a Conservative at 30, you must be mad' - anon Regards
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