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  1. One band I can't stand is KISS they're overrated & nothing more than a comic book band with a few hit songs that weren't that great in the first place (except for Beth) I agree with that long list just a few posts back, except for Skid Row.
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    I enjoy some of their previous material (i.g. Achtung Baby & Joshua Tree) but they've become too commercial since then & too creative for their own good, it works on certain tracks, but others fail to live up the the inspired segment on their effort.
  3. Either Stairway to Heaven or Comfortably Numb
  4. Too tough to call, so I declined to vote.
  5. I voted for 1900's, because before the 50's there was no Rock music, so naturally, those decades would be fit. From 1950-1999 ; I would go with the 50's as the worst decade (in my opinion as far as music taste, since I enjoyed the other four) but as everybody else has put, this decade has been much much worse.
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    1 Led Zeppelin 2 Guns N' Roses 3 Metallica 4 Nirvana 5 AC/DC 6 System of a Down 7 The Darkness
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