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  1. I cannot believe nobody has mentioned Billy Cobham yet! The man is a dead-set legend on the drums! My other favourites hands down are Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil and Keith Moon from the Who. Oh yeah, and the inspiration for nearly every drummer born after 1970 - ANIMAL FROM THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM! EAT DRUMS!!
  2. After Forever by Black Sabbath - truthfully it is a pro-Christ song. And "Spirit In The Sky" by Norman Greenbaum
  3. Get "Band On The Run" by Paul and "All Things Must Pass" by George. Just get second hand vinyl copies of the "It Don't Come Easy" and "Photograph" singles by Ringo and that's about all you need of his stuff. Paul's "RAM" and "Red Rose Speedway" are pretty good. "Cloud Nine" by George was OK. Get the first Travelling Wilburies LP. It's out of print on CD so you'll need to find it second hand, but worth looking for. Also, Lennon's "Imagine" LP is great too.
  4. I started by downloading stuff that I couldn't walk into a CD store and purchase. This was I got hold of full albums such as "Back In '72" by Bob Seger, which would have cost me well over A$100 to purchase on vinyl second hand and isn't available on CD. This was before I discovered legal download sites such as songfight.org. But I have created a great deal of material myself from CDs and vinyl. I also have the complete Songfight archive on about 10 CDs too. Neglecting the songfight stuff, I'd have around 1500 MP3s on 10 mp3 cds.
  5. Ahh - this clue threw me. That was NOT the album cover of their first album in Australia - only in America in Europe. The first album cover here was a Meter box (or an electrical supply box if you like, like the one on a street corner) backed with a red sky surrounded by barbed wire with a dog in the lower corner p***ing on it, with the words "AC/DC" and "High Voltage" written across the box.
  6. "From the Inside" I think it is. I have that one. If anyone has "No Code" by Pearl Jam on vinyl, you will be pleased to know that the days of great record covers are not lost. The LP cover folds out exactly the same as the CD with the four panels, but imagine it folding out to be 2 feet square with 12 inch postcards in the inner sleeve with lyrics on the back. Very cool stuff. Not sure if you American guys had any releases on a label called Vertigo released in your country. I know you had the music, like Black Sabbath, Manfred Mann's Earth Band and really early 1970s prog rock stuff. But the labels on side 1 of the records pre-1974 was a full label sized blow-up of the record company logo with the full track list on a plain white label on side 2. I remember buying a second hand copy of Manfred Mann's Earth band's "Messin'" LP when I was 10 and Watching that label spin around on the turntable while listening to the music and having my head spin afterwards. Very cool! Apparently (and my copy doesn't do this) but the original sleeve of "Stand Up" by Jethro Tull had a pop up fold-out sleeve. Recuts of the LP don't do that. Although my copy of "Thick as a brick" (cost me a buck at the Salvation Army store!) is the full life size recreated newspaper. As beaten up as the record is (I have a CD to listen to the music on though) I am never parting with it.
  7. I retract the "ignorant" part of my statement and I humbly apologise to Emma for any offense caused. I still think you should check out the Saints song.
  8. Hendrix probably had more lasting impact. Clapton would have if he hadn't spent the last 20 years or so trotting out mediocre records. Don't get me wrong - you can't really can't compare the two guitarists - they were both great in their own way and I like them both for that. But in terms of playing style, when you listen to them Hendrix plays so fast and does so many other awesome things with the guitar that Clapton didn't do. That doesn't mean to say that Clapton sucks - his solo on "Crossroads" from "Wheels of Fire" is awesome. But I really haven't liked any of his records (aside from Slowhand) since Derek & the Dominoes.
  9. I doubt if Hendrix's "If 6 Was 9" made the top 40, did it? If not, that is definitely a contender. I was also thinking of "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band but then the lyric doesn't say the word "hippies", it only describes them as "long haired freaky people".
  10. Ok, here is a somewhat objective opinion here on Nirvana, from someone who grew up through highschool with it. As a guitarist he is severely lacking. As a songwriter he has a great gift for melody and song structure which should be applauded. The lyrics are often terrible and I site "Sell The Kids for Food" and "It's ok to eat fish because they don't have any feelings" as examples - pure trash. The whole Nirvana/Grunge thing changed rock music in 1991/1992 and I am eternally greatful for it. It legitimised the underground and many a great band was discovered in their wake. Also rock was getting stale up until that point and Nirvana spearheaded the changing of the guard. WE NEED THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN AND QUICKLY IN THE 21ST CENTURY!!!
  11. To call Blink 182 "punk" is insulting to all the real punks out there. Have you not heard "I'm Stranded" by The Saints? If not, I suggest you promptly pull your ignorant head out of your a** and do so. Oh yeah, I missed Creed out of my list. And that bloody awful Lifehouse too.
  12. Lynyrd Skynrd. My turn: 1. Part of the Second wave of Seattle Grunge bands 2. Took their name from the lyrics to a Midnight Oil song from their "10...1" LP. 3. The first Rock band to sign to Madonna's record label.
  13. I'd actually recommend getting hold of the original version of the song "The Real Thing" by Russell Morris, which is a classic all of it's own and The Oils version, while admirable, doesn't really hit the highs of it. Definitely check out "Stoneage Romeos" by the Hoodoo Gurus - this lp was a US college radio hit in the 1980s and still sounds great today. Try and get hold of Even's "Less Is More" - I swear you WILL NOT be disappointed. "I'm Stranded" by the Saints is highly recommended for punk fans, especially those whose outlook doesn't stem much past Blink 182. Also "Radios Appear" by Radio Birdman. Also "Recurring Dream" by Crowded House, "Echolalia" by Something for Kate and for a consumate intelligent pop LP try "Picture A Hum Can't Hear A Sound" by 78 Saab or "Sweeter Than The Radio" by Ice Cream Hands, or even The Grapes self titled LP. Also try an Icehouse best of and a Split Enz best of album too. Also, Katie, Split Enz started in New Zealand but then they moved to Melbourne for the rest of their career post 1978, so it kinda counts.
  14. I remember reading an article in a magazine a friend of mine had at school one day when I was in year 11, just after the "Blood Sugar" double album became huge. In it they openly admitted to "eating together, playing together, writing together, sleeping together". Once again, it doesn't change my opinion of their music at all, and I don't believe their music should be judged on that basis either.
  15. Actually I heard a great Christian rap song last night that was a letter to Eminem. Very interesting, and unfortunately I can't think who it was by or what it was called....
  16. Hey thanx for the information. My favourite LP of Earth Band is Messin' (aka "Get Your Rocks Off" in the US). I love it because it has a cool cover and it was the first one I ever bought of theirs, second hand from my school fair when I was 10. I since have gotten as many LPs of theirs as I can, starting with the two Chapter 3 albums and then I have them all up until and including "Somewhere In Afrika". My faves though would have to be "Glorified Magnified", "Good Earth", "Angel Station", and "Nightingales".
  17. Hi guys, On the LP "Watch" by Manfred Mann's Earth Band they did a track called Martha's Madman. It is a cover and I can't find who originally did it. Can anyone shed any light on who it was? Whoever this act is also wrote the song "Captain Bobby Stout" that Manfred Mann's Earth Band did on their self titled LP in 1972. I did actually find a copy of the original band's music with those two songs on it in a Sydney record store about 3 or 4 years ago and I never bought it and I can't remember who the band is.
  18. Freddie was Bi for the record. That should have no bearing on whether he was any good or not and should not really be a factor when discussing Queens music. Just because he did things his own way in his private life doesn't make his art any less special. After all, Bowie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers either were or are gay and no-one makes comments as such about them.
  19. Best off going for great unsigned talent releasing their music on the internet for free. Songfight.org Some Songs.com For something a little off the wall - Songs To Wear Pants To Lots Of Great Australian Music
  20. Yay!! Someone else on this board is an Aussie Music lover too! This makes me very happy. Personally I reckon there is more good music being made here than there is overseas. I really wish there was more Even, Something For Kate, 78 Saab, Fyreflies and stuff like that on the radio instead of this Nickleback rubbish we get forced on us. I personally am loving the Saints first two albums again at the moment. I've also got the supremely cool Hummingbirds Best Of in the car at the moment along with Killing Heidi's latest record "Present", which isn't too bad I've decided. I've also recently fallen in love with the first Boom Crash Opera LP - brilliant! And I've just picked up a copy of Redgum's "Caught In The Act" LP last week and have been really getting into it again. I haven't heard it since I was about 11. On FBI in sydney last week there was a Nick Dalton/Plunderers/Godstar retrospective on the radio and there not a dud song in amongst it. Nick writes some awesome songs and he really deserves more credit than he gets. Both the "Sleeper" and "Coastal" LPs are awesome (I have both on vinyl and they rock!) I'm also really getting into Pollyanna's "Hello Halo" LP again too.
  21. Most of this corporate rock crap I hate. Unfortunately most of it is American (save for Nickleback who I hate infinitely): Matchbox 20, Live, Good Charlotte, The Offspring (well everything post 1995 anyway), Blink 182, Nickleback, Default, 3 Doors Down - can't stand any of them. They're so uninspired, unoriginal and there is very little difference between their music. They all sound so bland.
  22. Ok - to simplify things, a zeppelin looks a bit like a blimp (you know, like the Duff blimp of the Simpsons). And Led is a mispelling of, well, Lead, an element of the periodic table that is a heavy metal. Thus a "lead zeppelin" would be a flying machine made of heavy metal. Which of course is an oxymoron because if it ever got into the sky at all it would probably hit the ground very quickly because of gravity. The name "Led Zeppelin" was allegedly coined by Keith Moon. He allegedly (jokingly of course) told the band before going on stage "you'll go over like a ...". This is mentioned in the book that comes with the box set "Led Zeppelin" released in 1990.
  23. I've heard a lot of people have used "Outbreak Of Love" by Midnight Oil. I personally didn't have dancing at my wedding reception simply because it would have been too difficult for the women to dance in high heels on the back lawn at my wife's grandmother's and it was also a bit hard to drag the guests away from looking at the view of the entrance to Sydney Harbour anyway.
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