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  1. I would have to say today, so Ill pick the 90's. I think the 1980's started out with a lot of promise...but lost its way musically around 1984. I think after Michael Jacksons Thriller went massive, other artists wanted to emulate the success of Thriller, and, as such, over produced their music. I loved Toto's Africa, Hall annd oats' Kiss On My List and (I think it was Split Enz's) Six Month In A Leaky Boat. I also loved Twisted Sister. That being said, though, I think, as far as originality goes, the 1970's was the last time music was truely original. Disco (I know people dont like it much now, but I love it)and Punk were awsome and original...And Rap began to become mainstream. So...90's (and today) the music SUCKED(S) big time. The Best decade for music was the 1970's. 70's Music Lover
  2. Okay...yes...you did tell me the name of the band...lmao I shoulda read properly.... And YES!!! Ill definately let you guys know if I find it 70s Music Lover
  3. Oh My God!! Thats IT!! Thank you guys so so much!!! I am gonna start looking for it to buy as soon as possible... Just one question...I am not sure if you guys said who sings it??? Thanks... 70's Music Lover
  4. Ive been trying to find out the name and the singer of the song below for a very very long time. I also would like to know where I could get this song in Australia...If someone could help me Ill be very greatful...Below are some of the song words: Can I, can I, I Please stay Ill do all the washing, Ill do all the shopping, Please, Please,One more.... "NO" At the end of the song the guy begging to stay rings a phone and begs again....PLEASE!!! If you know this song, know who sings it, and know where I can get it from in Australia Ill be so happy! The last time I heard this it wouldve been around 1979. 70s Music Lover
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