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  1. I currently have: Franz Ferdinand Switchfoot - Nothing is Sound Institute - Distort Yourself Relient K - MMHMM The Killers - Hot Fuss
  2. I was just joking about where to find videos. It was just an off-handed comment about MTV not playing videos much anymore. Hell, even VH1 only shows them late at night except for the occasional Top 20. And even then they don't show the whole video most of the time.
  3. Eggplant


    I'm not sure who "The Others" are or if they implied anything. I didn't catch that. I have read, however, that there are more survivors than they know about.
  4. Eggplant


    Anybody else disappointed with last night's episode? Of course, the season opener was a hard act to follow.
  5. Is there actually a channel where you can see videos?? I know back in the 80's I used to watch MTV religiously. If a song came out that I liked, I couldn't wait to see the video. It seemed like more of an "event" back then. I don't even care anymore. To answer the question, the video rarely affects my fondness of a song. To me, a music video is more of an expression of the director instead of the artist.
  6. I watched this show cause I have always liked INXS. The clown who won it was my least favorite from the start. They made a huge mistake by picking him. In fact, this whole fiasco was a huge mistake. They're actually thinking about a second season of Rock Star, presumably with a different band. Anybody got Eddie Van Halen's number?
  7. You can buy license plates on ebay?? Who would've thought.
  8. I remember that song from back in high school (circa 1986). They used to have these dances after the football games and they usually played that song. Always a crowd favorite.
  9. Being a big INXS fan, I've watched the new show. These people are pathetic!! They're the best they could find? I was looking forward to Wednesday's show when the bottom three were going to sing INXS songs. Needless to say I was disappointed. I am now of the opinion that these people should never be allowed to sing another current INXS song. It just feels blasphemous to me. There will never be another Michael Hutchence.
  10. I would say yes. Pick up their greatest hits, "Songs to Learn and Sing" for the best of their older stuff.
  11. I don't know about this one either. I've always been an INXS fan so I'll probably watch it. It could turn out to be really cheesy. I just hope they don't go into this thing trying to find the next Michael Hutchence. Ain't gonna happen!
  12. Are you talking about "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins? There's this urban legend that it's about a boy drowning and it being sung to the person that watched him drown and didn't offer help. I believe the story goes that Phil was too far away or too stoned to help and witnessed this person's selfishness. The true story is it's about his divorce from his wife at the time. Go to this link and read about it: "In The Air Tonight"
  13. I would say "40" by U2 off the War album. Also, "All I Want Is You" off of Rattle and Hum.
  14. When I was younger I was into INXS and Men at Work. Hoodoo Gurus and Midnight Oil to a lesser extent. I was a huge INXS fan.
  15. Ron Jeremy did host a competition to find the next great female porn star. I forget what it was called. It was sort of an American Idol type competition. Maybe it was called "Porn Idol" or something like that. It was just for the ladies though. We all know there's only one requirement for male porn stars, and yes "size does matter".
  16. I understand all the arguments in defense of the Beatles. I've heard them all before. I just don't like their music. Simple as that. I don't think KISS is overrated, per se. They've always been what they claimed to be, if that makes any sense. I do think nowadays, however, that they have become a parody of themselves.
  17. I've heard the White album. I've heard Sgt. Pepper's. I just don't see what's so great. I'm not going to sit here and say that they weren't one of the most influential bands from that time. I just don't like them and don't see what all the fuss is about. A couple of my favorite bands, U2 and The Police, are getting bashed around on this thread. While I don't agree with the opinions, I respect them. I don't feel the need to question why somebody doesn't like U2. It seems that Beatles fans sit there and stare at you with their mouth hanging open when you say you don't care for them. That's one more reason that fuels my dislike for them. They're held in such reverence, it drives me crazy.
  18. a) I would have to say Pearl Jam. I know they haven't gotten much commercial success as of late, but it seems to be big news everytime they're back in the studio. I would have to say The Beatles. I've just never understood what all the fuss is about.
  19. Well at least I got 9 out of 10. Tough tie-breaker! I knew that Bananarama wasn't right but it's all I could come up with.
  20. I vote for "A Few Good Men" and "Liar Liar". I've seen "A Few Good Men" like a hundred times and it never gets old. "Liar Liar" cracks me up. Hilarious stuff. The actor in "A Time To Kill" was Matthew McConaughey.
  21. Frank Sinatra was cool, period. There's no way he'd survive in today's musical world though. "My Way" has got to be my favorite.
  22. In my earlier days I was into The Smiths, U2, and the Police. The Smiths are a great band for a depressed teenager. I loved U2 because their songs had meaning. I first heard The Police through a friend of mine and I was hooked. All three of these groups had songs that I really related to and helped me find strength in during those difficult adolescent years.
  23. U2 has a short little song called "October" that would fit in nicely with your theme.
  24. Michael wrote it for the movie "Willard" which is about a guy that has all these rats in his house. He talks to them and gets them to kill certain people. I saw the remake with Crispin Glover. Anyways there's these two rats that are sort of the leaders. One's name is Ben and I think the other one's name was Socrates.
  25. Aren't there 3 members of Destiny's Child? I would think they're talking about splitting the money between themselves.
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