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  1. Hope this post shows up correctly!! IF NOT : Bad Habittz has a gig out in Berkeley at Blake's on Telegraph. If you dig hip hop then this should be on you event schedule!!!
  2. Nutchin is my lazy way of sayin nothing.. Glad to see people actually like that poem!
  3. This life is nutchin w/out Love & I wouldn?t have Love If I didn?t have you, Love Couldn?t imagine wut I would do If I didn?t have you , Love Roam this land lost; Searchin for a clue Some might say I still do But I?m halfway to the answer Cuz I DID find you , Love
  4. If ya'll dig Hip-Hop, check out Bad Habittz Nuttin but raw uncut hip-hop!!!
  5. anybody know the lyrics to D-Child's new song soldier? more importantly: what does it mean when she says "know how to split that money 3 ways"?
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