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  1. All these positive thoughts going his way, he's going to recover so fast it'll be a medical miracle!
  2. If the Arctic Monkeys are nominated for anything, they will win. The media is absolutely in love with them. I think they're alright, but Black Holes and Revelations is the best album on that list IMO.
  3. Unbelievable. After wrestling crocs and playing with snakes, he gets killed by something as tame as a stingray. Stingrays are normally some of the gentlest creatures in the sea. Poor Steve. I loved his show.
  4. Anyways, my nominations... "Generation Landslide"- Alice Cooper "Anarchy Burger"- The Vandals
  5. 1. "Light My Fire"- The Doors 2. "My Generation"- The Who 3. "Day Tripper"- The Beatles 4. "Black Dog"- Led Zeppelin 5. "November Rain"- Guns N' Roses 6. "Across the Universe"- The Beatles 7. "Dancing in the Dark"- Bruce Springsteen 8. "Like A Rolling Stone"- Bob Dylan 9. "Space Oddity"- David Bowie 10. "Californication"- Red Hot Chili Peppers So many awesome songs, so little space....
  6. There are no Doors songs on the list. Therefore it has no credibility.
  7. The day I change my avatar to Zim, a Gir picture pops up. Are you stalking me Namahage?
  8. From the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Ford: "You'd better be prepared for the jump into Hyperspace, it's unpleasantly like being drunk." "What's so unpleasant about being drunk?" asked Arthur. Ford replied, "Try asking a glass of water." The first time I read this book, I had to read that part about ten times before I got it. I could quote more from Hitchhiker's, but if I got too into it I'd end up typing the entire book.
  9. Of course people always tell the truth on MySpace! I really am in my 20s and look like a young Harrison Ford!
  10. Hey an album I know! Freakin' sweet! And I can sorta see the Dylan/Rage comparison. Rage is just ultra-pissed and rocks you till your guts fall out.
  11. Well as soon as I finish the insanely long "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz, I'll have to go out and buy that.
  12. I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I consider Bono to be this generation's Lennon.
  13. Paul is cool, Lennon was a genius. Genius trumps cool.
  14. I nominated "Breaking the Law" and "Run for the Hills" in a recent top 10. They didn't do very well. But I do love my vintage metal (except hair metal).
  15. Smells like ass? Sounds like my cafeteria. And the freshman wing.
  16. Well I'm hoping for the Seahawks to come back to the Super Bowl in win it this time, but in all honesty, the fate of my NFL teams is secondary to what is really important... And that is Notre Dame football. In this house, nothing is more serious. The season starts on Saturday. Those who know me well know that when football season starts, my entire mood for the rest of the week relies on that game. If they lose, all is bad. If they win, all is sunshine and smiles. This is their national championship year. Return to glory. I can feel it. And if my feelings are wrong.... don't cross me, I will not be a happy Tim.
  17. The real loophole is: "The law enforcement of Scotland does not want to look like complete jerks."
  18. 1. "Otherside"- Red Hot Chili Peppers 2. "Tales of Brave Ulysses"- Cream 3. "Happy"- Rolling Stones 4. "Lithium"- Nirvana 5. "Midnight Rider"- Allman Brothers 6. "Hey Joe"- Jimi Hendrix Experience 7. "Maybelline"- Chuck Berry 8. "Radio Song"- Jet 9. "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"- Meatloaf 10. "Long Tall Sally"- Little Richard
  19. Well as long as Seattle and Baltimore do good, I do good. And even if I wasn't playing fantasy football, I would want those two teams to do good, so that works out well. I have to choose between Hasselbeck and Vick for QB though... Well I'll stick with my Hawks for now, Vick always gets hurt anyway.
  20. Lost should have won for drama even though it wasn't even nominated. The Office deserved their victory. Conan and Bob Newhart were hilarious. Best moment: Stephen Colbert: "I LOST TO BARRY MANILOW!!!"
  21. "Lithium"- Nirvana "Otherside"- Red Hot Chili Peppers These two songs really keep me going when I'm depressed, which happens more and more lately.
  22. Any Sammy Hagar song on Van Halen's "Best of Both Worlds" except for "Dreams".
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