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  1. Hey Uncle... Thanks for your honest feedback. We don't really get into exchanging presents anymore - it's just my two brothers and me left and none of us has any kids. But I can understand people wanting to fall into the tradition of gift-giving, especially if they have young kids. Thanks again, Cathy
  2. Yeah, I'm getting tired of all this Christmas crap Every year we fall into the same old trap Rushing around trying to find presents to wrap Going to visit relatives all over the damn map I say let's space it out like when we renew car tags That way we won't run into all the shopping hags With their double baby carriages and shopping bags While the whole impatient crowd behind them lags Yeah, Let's have Christmas last all year long If we do it that way how can we go wrong No standing in lines that are way too long No listening to the same old Christmas song Christmas in July, that's the way it should be Lasting all year long, starting in January Instead of Merry Christmas it'll just be Merry Every day of the year, that's my Christmas fantasy Why shouldn't we be nice to each other year-round Why only on Christmas is good will found In our hearts... I say let it go round Throughout the seasons; let love abound Because there are always the homeless and needy But most of the year we are selfish and greedy Wake up, my friend. When will you be ready Do something good today, not just on a holiday!
  3. Well it certainly sounds like you are regretful and want to make things right. Why not try sending her some flowers along with a copy of this poem? (Pour your heart out)
  4. Stockings all hung in a row Warm milk in the kitty cat's bowl Soft music playing on the stereo Shadows dance from the candlelight's glow It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, don't cha know Outside it's a bright and snowy day And Santa "Claws" is riding on his sleigh With Rudolph the reindeer leading the way They're spreading good cheer just for today It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, Hey! Hey! Hey! There's peace on earth just for tonight The soldiers have put their weapons out of sight And are fast asleep under the soothing starlight All along the battlefield guns are quiet It's a kitty cat Chwistmas! I scream with delight Meanwhile kitty is snuggled warmly in his bed With dreams of chasing mice running through his head And hopes that all the hungry families have been fed And that wherever there's discord there be love instead Oh it's gonna be a kitty cat Chwistmas, I said Oh if only Christmas could last all year But there's too much hate and too much fear And while we draw near to those we hold dear And remember those who are no longer here It's still a kitty cat Chwistmas, I said with a tear So I picked up my kitty and softly rubbed his fur And listened closely as he began to purr Even though the years go by like a blur There's one thing I know in my heart for sure It's a kitty cat Chwistmas, yet once more
  5. Wow... this is SO relevant to what I am going through. I hope you don't mind, I sent this to a very good friend of mine who has always been there for me (since high school). She is non-judgemental (unlike some other people I know). We talk practically every day and she knows more about me than anyone, even family. She is always there for me and for that I am thankful. I try to be there for her too. Thanks for the poem. I really LIKE it. p.s. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein: "Time will wait for whomever will make use of it"
  6. OH KITTY CAT (Sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree) Oh kitty cat, oh kitty cat You know how much I love you Oh kitty cat, oh kitty cat There's no one else above you Oh how I love To hear you purr And how I love To stroke your fur Oh kitty cat, oh kitty cat You'll always be my favorite Oh kitty cat, oh kitty cat I know you hate it when you're wet And how you love To chase the birds And how I hate To clean up your turds :: Oh kitty cat, oh kitty cat I'd love to live In your little world
  7. wrote this in between waiting on my slow computer (I was petting my cat but he got tired of me waking him up). There's no one to talk to at this time of night, so I write: Tell me the Truth, cause I want to know Lead me down the path that I need to follow Don't let me give in to my own foolish sin I want to see Your Light so let me begin Keep me in Your presence; Let me know Your very essence Teach me to Love and forgive So that I can really learn to live But let me be willing to fight For what I believe is right And let me not fall prey To those who have gone astray But let me know whom I can trust For I know not everyone is just And thank you God for showing me the Word Because I know it's far more than I deserve And I hope in my heart that there's a Way I can join Life everlasting and You some day.
  8. If there's any musical lyrics I have been obsessed with over the years it would have to be The Beatles, specifically Paul McCartney. He usually writes about uplifting subjects like love and hope and all that jazz. (Though I would never compare myself with the likes of such a musical genius) Plus all those seventies songs that I know all the lyrics to must have had some kind of subconscious influence, and lately I have enjoyed: Creed Coldplay Collective Soul Soul Asylum Pearl Jam Confederate Railroad Three Doors Down 4 Him Used to read Rudyard Kipling a lot when I was younger ("The Jungle Book, Riki Tiki Tavi, etc.) One more... an English teacher I had in 10th grade who said it would be a waste if I never went to school and furthered my writing career (which I didn't) Oh well...
  9. Wow.. this poem/song reminds me of my last roommate. Long story short... he owed me several months rent, committed various and sundry crimes against me, and the day that he hit me I winded up going to jail for being angry and "out of control" (disorderly conduct) A compulsive liar, paranoid schizophrenic alcoholic, now he's a criminal on the run. I can't believe I ever trusted him. Good riddance! :: (I like your poem - feel like I can relate)
  10. Thanks, Jenny. This poem is based on personal experience. I was eleven when I went outside to ride my bike, my Dad was sitting there drinking a beer and he said, "Don't go too far, supper's almost ready." I said okay and returned a few minutes later before the paramedics even got there but he was already gone (massive cardiac arrest). So I never really got to say goodbye but that doesn't make it any easier I found out a few years later when my older brother Steve had leukemia - I gave him some bone marrow but unfortunately he had complications/infection and suffered greatly his last few weeks. I am also still grieving the loss of my Mom who passed away a couple of weeks after 9/11 after a long bout with kidney failure. I've come to find that I don't do grief well but it sure helps to write about it. Thanks again.
  11. There's a hole in my soul Where your love used to be I know you had to go But it made my life misery And should we ever meet again I'll grin the biggest grin You've ever seen That's what you meant to me But I wonder would it be the same So much has happened; so much has changed I'm not the same little girl you used to know I'm so much older now, and so... Would you still think of me as your own Or would I be someone you wish you'd never known I'm not so sweet and innocent any more And how you'd react I'm not really sure I blamed all my problems on the fact that you died I couldn't talk to anyone; I just cried inside I started hating myself and everyone I couldn't accept that you were really gone Then I found I could escape reality I thought that using made me feel free But it just turned out to be a trap The sadness returned like a slap Now I'm trying to find some peace Believing that everything has a reason Being thankful for all who are in my life Being thankful for all you sacrificed I'm trying to take one day at a time Living in the moment, however sublime Or insignificant it may seem Life seems like a terrific dream For you never know what's just around the bend Or how things will turn out in the end But I believe I'm headed the right way I believe in the power of today I can't change the past Or make everything last I can't control much on this earth Not even my death or my birth But I'm not so sure about fate or destiny God gave us free will to use as we please I'll take care of myself the best I can And do my best to give to my fellow man I believe that is what matters in the end Did I learn how to love; how to be a friend Did I enjoy my life here on this planet Surely it can't be that hard, can it?
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