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Continuous Christmas

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Yeah, I'm getting tired of all this Christmas crap

Every year we fall into the same old trap

Rushing around trying to find presents to wrap

Going to visit relatives all over the damn map

I say let's space it out like when we renew car tags

That way we won't run into all the shopping hags

With their double baby carriages and shopping bags

While the whole impatient crowd behind them lags

Yeah, Let's have Christmas last all year long

If we do it that way how can we go wrong

No standing in lines that are way too long

No listening to the same old Christmas song

Christmas in July, that's the way it should be

Lasting all year long, starting in January

Instead of Merry Christmas it'll just be Merry

Every day of the year, that's my Christmas fantasy

Why shouldn't we be nice to each other year-round

Why only on Christmas is good will found

In our hearts... I say let it go round

Throughout the seasons; let love abound

Because there are always the homeless and needy

But most of the year we are selfish and greedy

Wake up, my friend. When will you be ready

Do something good today, not just on a holiday!

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Bah, humbug!

No, wait. God Bless us, every one.

Darn, you've got me confused. LOL

Anyway, I understand your sentiment. Yes, it'd be nice. But, let's enjoy this season even if it doesn't last.

Merry Christmas, Cathy!

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Hey Uncle...

Thanks for your honest feedback.

We don't really get into exchanging presents anymore - it's just my two brothers and me left and none of us has any kids. But I can understand people wanting to fall into the tradition of gift-giving, especially if they have young kids. Thanks again,


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