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5:30 a.m. supplication

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wrote this in between waiting on my slow computer (I was petting my cat but he got tired of me waking him up).

There's no one to talk to at this time of night, so I write:

Tell me the Truth, cause I want to know

Lead me down the path that I need to follow

Don't let me give in to my own foolish sin

I want to see Your Light so let me begin

Keep me in Your presence;

Let me know Your very essence

Teach me to Love and forgive

So that I can really learn to live

But let me be willing to fight

For what I believe is right

And let me not fall prey

To those who have gone astray

But let me know whom I can trust

For I know not everyone is just

And thank you God for showing me the Word

Because I know it's far more than I deserve

And I hope in my heart that there's a Way

I can join Life everlasting and You some day.

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