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  1. oh god, definately one of my favorite songs by Led Zeppelin! and you really nailed it with that comment. but you should be a bigger led zep fan!
  2. Come on Eileen- Dexy Midnight Runners I can't get enough of this song!
  3. Riders on the Storm- The Doors, more trippy then anything...if you listen closely, you can here that Jim Morrison whispers over top of himself singing the lyrics...listen super close and you'll know what I mean
  4. Hot Fuss- The Killers...I think it's very good for a newer band. Experience Hendrix- The Best of Jimi Hendrix...this cd is just amazing. I'm pretty sure it's the newest "Best Of" from Hendrix and they did a great job putting it together. It even has cool info about each song inside the cover jacket thing... check it out, totally recommended
  5. Hey! Does anyone have any good SNL quotes?! Or somewhere I can get them? Thanks!
  6. haha! your right! but, i wouldnt want anyone touching any of Kiss' songs...theres always the chance of ruining them! :: hmm, im not really a fan of covers to begin with...except for a madonna cover of Like A Prayer by some punkish band...not sure of the name, but its pretty good
  7. What kinda message are you looking for? Hurricane- Bob Dylan: this send the message of racial prejudice... Knockin on Heavens Door- Bob Dylan: isnt this about war? Civil War- GNR: also about war... Signs- Five Man Electrical Band: haha well, Sign sign everywheres a sign! blockin out the scenery, breakin my mind! :happybanana:
  8. This was excellent! I really enjoyed it. Once I started reading it, I could'nt stop. It would make the kind of song I'd probably like job well done
  9. whoa, that sounds like it could make a very good song
  10. I love my music I love it when my brother or sister laughs I love food I love snuggling up with a warm blanket, a good book, and some awesome food ( im big with the food thing) I love looking into ?'s eyes
  11. Good! I'm glad he took a stand... motley crue rocks
  12. This song has coherent words? I just like the funky beat
  13. hmmm, I'm thinking 2 of them are still truckin'...I'll check it out.
  14. London Calling- The Clash Back in Black- AC/DC Led Zeppelin 4- Led Zeppelin :guitar:
  15. i dont think U2 is amazing at all, they have a limited few catchy songs, but otherwise I really don't like them
  16. i wasnt aware the john enwistle was dead. oh and I know i'm missing alot of people... elvis Randy Rhodes Dimebag Darrell the list could go on...
  17. I actually like Limp Bizcuts or whatever the hell's cover of Behing Blue Eyes...not better then the orginal, but still well done, I think. If only Fred Durst wasn't such a *insert negative names here*.
  18. I Need Some Sleep- Eels Its off of Shrek 2, download it and you'll know what I'm blabbering on about! I think its a great song.
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