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  1. I'm sorry but I've got inject some Kiss and Led Zeppelin in here... Forever- Kiss (Foxy, im surprised you didnt say this :: hahaha) Thank You- Led Zeppelin P.S I hate Valentines...
  2. Whoa, I'm surprised this many people don't like them...alot of my friends love 'em...I agree with the vocals though...
  3. why was my post deleted? :: :: :: :: :beady:
  4. no way, Grace Slick is awesome...the only woman rockers I like are Janis Joplin, Grace Slick/J.A, and Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac MY best bands....Led Zeppelin Kiss The Who
  5. Yes Katie! Thanks you! hahaha i have the School of Rock DvD and Cd, they are both awesome and the Pitch to Led Zeppelin thing is awesome. im glad other people appreciate this movie and its music
  6. I only know Rock You Like a Hurricane...can anyone suggest some more songs by them that are good? I saw a Best Of cd by them for $7, but I only knew that one song...should i have bought it? ::
  7. I've never really heard some good motown, but you all suggest it, I may have to invest that.. ::
  8. UPDATE!!! Ashlee Gets Booed off the Stage at the Orange Bowl! Time to give'r up there poser... people please visit this site.... www.stopashlee.com you regret it :: :: ::
  9. I know, this should be with the Music and Films forum, but I just want to know what everyone thinks about the musical content of this fab film. I'm really hoping alot of people have seen it... Does anyone else agree this has some of the best music in it, for a relatively new movie? what do yas think? p.s jack black is wickedly awesome :guitar:
  10. Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones Revalation-D12 (dont ask how i know this...) Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles The End- The Doors Momma I'm Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton White Room- Cream (more of a depressing content then anything)
  11. Force them to like Kiss, Foxy, i know i will with mine haha actually, ive already started on my younger brother and sister (their 1 and 3 years old) both of them love the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin and Strutter by Kiss they also love to come into my room and listen to my music i have them well trained very early on...
  12. hmm i agree with jman about geddy lee ( who i think is the singer)he doesnt have a very good voice...he kinda sounds like a girl at some points...they would be much better without his vocals...but overall i think they make great music.
  13. I like your thinking! While we're at it, how about a hendrix concert?
  14. maybe not even Zeppelin...The Who? AC/DC? The Ramones? The Doors? KISS? Styx? Cream? Hendrix? The Clash? ANYTHING FOR THIS PERSON TO UNDERSTAND REAL MUSIC!
  15. I suggest you listen to some Zeppelin (olde fogey band? i think not) :guitar:
  16. oh and when i have kids...way way waaaaaaaaaaaay in the future, i will teach them the science of Led Zeppelin
  17. My dad's into Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, a little bit of Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Neil Young ect.. When i was really little I hated it, but it really reminds me of him now when I hear some of these artists songs. And my mom was into Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz (this shows you how young i am and how young my mom was when she had me, haha)Oh and she really really liked Queen too, she used to blast Bohemian Rhapsody in the car. The only thing that influenced me from my parents would be the Neil Young and the Queen stuff...nirvana is alright, but i stick to the older stuff like The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Lynryd Skynryd, Styx, KISS, blah blah blah, i could keep listin' them. :doh:I forgot Aeromsmith! My mom totally got me hooked onto them, and i've like them for as long as i can remember. My first Aerosmith cd was Nine Lives (one of their newer albums) and i have proceeded backwards in their discography from there haha. I think my music rubs off on my mom a bit now too, what she liked when she was young is what im liking now, so she's remembering all the old songs she used to love! haha :guitar:
  18. Well, im just wondering what everyones feelings are about Rush. I personally really like them, though they are not my favorites. Also, they're Canadian which kicks a** :: Does anyone else agree that Neil Peart is a top 5 drummer, if not top 3? im interested to see what everyone thinks of them...
  19. The only decade i would be able to even closely recall is the 90's since i was born '89...its quite sad , If i could i would go back to the late 60's being the age I am now...then I would be in the midst of the greatest music, while also being able to go to concerts and stuff, in my 20's i would be rockin' out to KISS and Led Zeppelin! Well, Led Zeppelin even b4 that...it woulda been AWESOME!!! :happybanana: :happybanana: if anyboady invents a time machine, let me now, will ya?
  20. Oh! and a song by Ice T called Cop Killa! I myself dont listen to rap, but i saw this on a show recently...can't quite place what song though.
  21. Is it really "The Cream"? of just Cream? Someones gotta clarify this with me haha anyway, Cream is fricken awesome! Sunshine of your love is definately one of my favorite songs as is White Room...Crossroads and Born Under a Bad Sign are good to ::
  22. Thats true! Have you heard Eric Clapton Unplugged CD? I have it and its awesome! :guitar:
  23. :doh:How could I forget Boston? AND Aerosmith...sometimes i am just not thinking clearly.
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