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  1. Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin Boris The Spider - The Who
  2. The Beatles with one song: Helter Skelter
  3. Roger Daltrey is vocalist for the Who
  4. My downloaded version of the song skips at 1:33, is it supposed to do that?
  5. Jethro Tull is the name of the guy who invented the first seed drill back in the industrial revolution
  6. whos the person who sings in texas flood by stevie ray vaughan
  7. what... about... ray... MANZAREK?!?!?
  8. I've been trying to download that song for a while and every one of them kinda skips at 7:48... is that supposed to be in the real song?
  9. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Cream - I Feel Free The Who - Baba O'Riley Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
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