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  1. there is some pretty nasty things bein said at the top of this messages about songs that arent too bad if u wud just give it a listen insted of bash
  2. i noticed only thing peeps round here like to yarn bout is olde fogey bands, i have here a new band that will be the dwn of the day soon, lets rap friends about sum fresh blood ziki's revenge is a terminal band from down south that is about the process of growing up hard n being made fun of cuz your not like everyone else abnother goody but oldy, is radiohead from creep, it is the same type of deal & i give it 5 stars
  3. wehn doves cry gives me the feeling that anything is posibley no matter how u are or wheare you are
  4. jenny look wanna bee issn't about lyrical revelation, its suposed to be about getting out thar n danceing the night away :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: can ya' feel it one stupid song is Commonwelth by the beetles :sleepy: [lyrics]Immigrants. Wilson Health said to the immgrants you better get back to the commonwealth homes. Yeah, yeah, yeah I said Get back home. Now Enoch Powell was said to the folks color of his skin. He said don't care. So he said you better get up. He said he said to Enoch Powell. You better go home. So Wilson said to. We got to swing. We have to go the hill. So Wilson Health said to Enoch Powell we got to the commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah commonwealth yeah commonwealth yeah commonwealth yeah. Commonwealth yeah. If you don't want trouble you got to go home. To Indania. I've have enough of that. I'm coming back yeah to England. Dirty Enoch Powell. Commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah. Don't you hear me commonwealth yeah. Well I check Austria England India. Enoch powell. Oh commonwealth yeag. Oh commonwealth yeah. Yeah commonwealth yeah. Commonwealth yeah. It's to common to me. I came down the street to New Zealand. Commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah. Commonwealth yeah. Enoch Powell commonwealth yeah. Immigrants commonwealth yeah. Market. [/lyrics] now don't get me wrong, but it dont make since & why would he sing that part over n over r again
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