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  1. definitely both, Kev. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wondrous day.
  2. Thanks! But, ummmm... this one I didn't write. Our wonderful Greg Prato gets the credit here. And Blindfitter himself (Doug), since he answered the questions both in writing and on a recorded interview. Which makes it even more intriguing in my humble opinion... Doug's a very articulate guy. I'd read anything he wrote. Or discussed out loud.
  3. Hey all ~ Our very own Blindfitter's band, Flies On You, was the subject of a Songfacts grillin'. Check out the insightful interview. Good stuff! Flies On You Interview
  4. "Austin" by Blake Shelton is all about leaving messages on answering machines. "Austin" She left without leavin' a number Said she needed to clear her mind He figured she'd gone back to Austin 'Cause she talked about it all the time It was almost a year before she called him up Three rings and an answering machine is what she got If you're callin' 'bout the car I sold it If this is Tuesday night I'm bowling If you've got somethin' to sell, you're wastin' your time, I'm not buyin' If it's anybody else, wait for the tone, You know what to do And P.S. if this is Austin, I still
  5. We've been so overworked lately and tired as all getout. So I made Jeff do Mandatory Movie Night with me on Wednesday with one of my Netflix DVDs. I got it with him in mind, since it's all about a hockey player-turned-figure skater (yes, you read right). An oldie called "The Cutting Edge." Cheesy chick-flick, which I warned him about. But the dialogue is so sharp that he laughed all the way through and liked it so much he watched it again on Thursday night. About a horribly spoiled world renown figure skater who's such a b*tch she can't keep partners, and an Olympic hockey player who
  6. any idea when the song came out (approximately)? or if it was a band or just an indie singer? Evey clue helps.
  7. "I Can't Take You Anywhere" by Scotty Emerick popped immediately into my head. The lyrics don't specify an answering machine, but the video shows one. "So I left all alone, I just headed on home As I listened to the messages on my telephone There was one from my sister and one from an old friend (Hey man, I drove by your house tonight, dude, but uh... You wasn't in..."
  8. It is, Ember!! Welcome. {{{Lea}}}
  9. oooo pluggin' the goods on Ray's birthday thread! I just realized, Ray, that I haven't said HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EH, on this thread yet. But it's okay, since I said that and more on FB. Glad you had a great day!!
  10. I got one right! I got one right! :happybanana: :happybanana:
  11. well... keeping with BF's idea, the pencil could be an eyeliner pencil, and the folds in the eyelid are when the eyeshadow creases, or just that the eyelid itself is folded (as they do sometimes when people age)... the lines on the compact guide could be a compact (mirror, which comes with makeup and women keep them in their purses, called "compacts"), so I'm thinking that part's about makeup. I have no idea about the hat thing, though.
  12. Best Picture (25 points): Captain Phillips (I doubt it'll win, but it's the one I liked the best out of the ones I've seen) Best Actor (15 points): Bruce Dern (Nebraska) (I think he'll get the sympathy vote) Best Actress (15 points): Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) (She's just ridiculous in everything) Best Supporting Actor (10 points): Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips) (I would go with Jared Leto, because, again, I doubt this guy will win. But he was truly awesome.) Best Supporting Actress (10 points): Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) (She's the flavor
  13. I thought no one could be denied health care under Obamacare...
  14. sounds like the theme from "Barney."
  15. I do that every year and I'm never anywhere close.
  16. Hi Sally ~ Welcome! There's lots Nilsson here. Look on the Main Page and click on a letter for a song you'd like to find, and then it's just alphabetical from there. To get you started, here's: Everybody's Talkin' Without You Have fun exploring.
  17. we saw "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" last night. It caused me to laugh so hard in one scene I was crying. Well acted for a Ben Stiller/Kristen Wiig film, although I like them both anyway, I didn't expect such subtle performances. It worked very well. Heavy message in this flick. You need to watch it, sit back, enjoy it, and then leave thinking about what you learned. 8/10
  18. I would think just about any Woody Guthrie song would be most appropriate. Other than that, "Ride The Train" from Alabama might come in handy.
  19. Replace "Bakersfield" with "Phoenix," and that's spot-on what it's like here. Air doesn't move for weeks on end and the pollution gets so bad my eyes water.
  20. It's probably just me, but Fallon sounds more like Springsteen than Springsteen does.
  21. when my kid was 10 he actually stole my Stevie Nicks CD to listen to. When I asked him why he had it, he said, "I like her music, Mom." Like, duh. Now he can't get far enough away from that stuff.
  22. when we were little my sister and I had a little record player on which we played my mom's old 45s and 78s all the time. I knew all of Elvis' stuff, but not so much the Beatles. Who out there knows what a 78 is?
  23. I may have mentioned this already somewhere, but not too long ago my kid said to me, "Mom, your kind of music has different words. The stuff (hip-hop, rap) that I listen to repeats the same thing over and over." Yeah, kid. And they sample all the stuff I grew up with.
  24. boo-ya! Same to you, my friend.
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