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  1. A co-worker of mine asked me if I had heard of Father John Misty and made me a mix CD with some of his songs on it and they grabbed me immediately. I downloaded his 2012 album "Fear Fun" (which can be found on iTunes) and I haven't really listened to anything else since. His lyrics are brilliant, profound, humorous and give homage to his resentment for his Christian upbringing. I can't do them justice via a description. I suppose I have to place it in the realm of folk or alt-country music. Father John Misty is really Joshua "J." Tillman, drummer for Fleet Foxes, using a pseudonym. He grew
  2. I completely agree! My problem turned out to be that I was searching "Harry Nilsson" and it was yielding no results because it's all under just "Nilsson".
  3. Thank you!! Sorry for my incompetence.
  4. I have to say that I am shocked to see nothing of Harry Nilsson. Why is this? Surely such learned musical aficionados are aware of Schmilsson? At the very least, I expected there to be some content from the albums Nilsson Schmillson or Pussy Cats (which he made with Lennon), or even just the songs "One" or "Everybody's Talkin'". I would love to see some Nillson-related material on this fantastic website.
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