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  1. not even a half point for being honest? Man, tough crowd
  2. Actually, it is stolen from the movie "Roxanne" with Steve Martin. I thought it was funny as well, that's why I remembered it. I wish I could take credit for it, but alas....
  3. Safe at Home Grievious Angel Live 1973 Those are the only ones I know of, Windy my girl.
  4. Of course there's life out there. The universe is infinite. It would be arrogant and presumptuous of us to think we're the only ones in the entire universe. Plus, It's also pretty arrogant of us to think they're the aliens.
  5. I'm only aware of his work with David Lee Roth. Welcome to Songfacts.
  6. I remember I saved up my lawn mowing money and bought a cheap little plastic hi-fi. I thought I was sh#tting in high cotton, buddy, let me tell you. The albums I bought were: Elton John's Greatest Hits Eagle's Greatest Hits 71-75 Black Sabbath Paranoid Ted Nugent Free For All
  7. It's from the "Fair Warning" album and the somg is called Dirty Movies.
  8. If I remember correctly, Rik Emmett sings for Triumph. Wow, he really gets up there, especially on Fight the Good Fight. I've always enjoyed Okasik's unique vocals, as well. He sounds like he's sitting on a block of ice. I much prefer Benjamin Orr's (RIP) style, though. All Mixed up and Drive are beautiful songs. Also, I've seen Steve Perry in here a couple of times. Man, that guy is effortless. His best work is Journey's Evolution.
  9. I know smoky, intriguing quality when I see it.
  10. Good morning, Opiate, you sagacious, lavacious , sensatious...well...nevermind.
  11. Yesterday evening (Friday), I took my kids and my niece,ages 9,9,& 10, to see Without a Paddle. I was supposed to take them to see Princess Diaries II, but they changed their minds. (whew. the things a parents does for their kids). Anyway, I have to tell you folks, I laughed right out loud throughout the movie. There is one scene with a bear that I actually laughed so hard I had tears. Without giving away too much of the movie, the three main characters go on a canoe trip in search of D.B.Cooper's lost money, and run into a handful of characters along the way. (including the bear) If you forget about the thin premise and a few far-fetched events, and accept it for what it is, you'll enjoy this movie. And the soundtrack is sparse, but enjoyable. The few songs in the movie are well placed and enrich the scene. During the credits, as we were walking out,a cover of Ram Jam's 'Black Betty' was being played. I wish I had hung around to see who was playing it, but the kids were in a hurry to get to the video games. Geez, I'm such an easy touch. Anyway, back to the movie, I'd give it 2 1/2 stars. There is some light swearing, and a few adult references, but nothing to get in a twist over.
  12. I haven't seen this subject in here, so I'll ask it...what music did your parents listen to when you were a kid, that you still listen to today? For me, my Mom always loved Motown, so I have a pretty extensive collection of that. I'm not ashamed to admit I also have almost everything John Denver ever did, because my Mom had it on alot, as well. My Pop, however, says music starts and ends with Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf. He also likes 'We Gotta Get out of this Place' because they sang it almost every day in Viet Nam My Gram, rest her soul, said the last good song ever written was "Sh-Boom" Anyone else?
  13. Some of the best songs ever written were about getting dumped and being lonely.
  14. Giddyup. I'd trade in Newark, Delaware in an instant, provided I could take my entire family with me. I'd love to live anywhere along the border. Wisconsin, Minnesota,N. Dakota, Montana. It's all beautiful country up that way.
  15. According to one of the charts at Alaska Jim's, the top 10 song for the week of August 25th, 1979 were: 1. My Sharona - The Knack 2. Good Times - Chic 3. The Main Event - Barbra Striesand 4. Bad Girls - Donna Summer 5. Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band 6. When You're in Love with a beautiful Woman - Dr. Hook 7. After the Love has Gone - Earth Wind and Fire 8. Lead Me On - Maxine Nightingale 9. Ring My Bell - Anita Ward 10. Mama Can't Buy You Love - Elton John I'd go with #6, myself.
  16. That's no line, that's the truth. Never dated a person because of how they looked, physically. Besides,I already have a hot babe. I married her. She's 44, about 40 pounds over weight, nosey, mouthy, and loud sometimes. She's my best friend and my arch nemisis. My lover, my buddy, my nurse, sometimes my boss, as well. She's fiercely loyal to family, and very protective of our kids. After putting up with me for the last 13 years, I'd say she's part saint with the patience of Job, as well. I definitely married way out of my league.
  17. Tanacious Peaches , in the "Bad Movies" post, said the movie 'Warriors' was cheesy in a good way. I happen to agree. It's so bad, it's actually funny without trying to be. I have a few others, and if anyone wants, add your favorite cheesy flick. Evil Dead is one of my favorite bad movies. When I was on an isolated outpost in the army, we had about 6 movies, and that was one of them. There's one scene where a girl is running through the woods, and we counted her falling down, something like 22 times before she got to the cabin. Brutally bad, but hilarious.
  18. There are beautiful women no matter where you go in the world. There's something beautiful to be found in just about any woman, whether it be physical, intellectual, altruistic, whatever.
  19. Pardon me. I don't live in London. Where, exactly is Liverpool's proximity to London, my fine British friend? And I do take a slight offense at the 'general lack of knowledge' comment. There is no need to be condescending towards someone because they aren't familiar with your part of the world. As far as my lack of knowledge, I passed the entry exam at the local Mensa chapter, so I feel I know a thing or two. I was smart enough to know I wasn't going to pay 400 bucks a year to be a member of Mensa. :: And my name is Dave, not "you people". :: Oh, yeah, Life in London, by Pat Travers.
  20. Man Over - Robinella and the CCstringband. About a man consumed by alcohol. Being a recovering alcoholic, it made me break down the first time I heard it. It captured the despair and hopelessness I felt for so many years in about 3 minutes.
  21. Muzik and I have had a few interesting discussions since I've been here, and we've had some lively point-counterpoint palavars, but I'm right with him on this one. The little stars are fun, but I personally don't really pay that much attention to them. I also agree with what he said about negativity only inviting more of the same. I am guilty of saying negative things in here, as I'm sure most everyone in here is, as well. Sometimes it's constructive, though. The post about things in songs that irritated you was most enlightening,(or should I say enlighteninging?) and funny. Some of the posts were things that vexed me about songs, so it was nice to see other folks heard the same things. On the other hand, the posts, "Who do you hate" and whatnot, don't really serve any purpose, musically, philosophically, or otherwise. It's just a place to complain. I generally move right on past those posts. I'm a firm believer in karma, and I try to steer clear of negative energy. Anyway, now I've completely lost my train of thought. Rats! ~~ Charlie Brown
  22. Goodness. I guess some people don't realize you're allowed to have an opinion in here. Don't get mad, dude. Let it roll off your back. To quote the sagacious Opiate, "Just because it's your opinion, doesn't make it my truth." If you disagree with someone in here, that's cool. There's no need to attack anyone. It spoils the karma, dude.
  23. The Bangles - Going Down To Liverpool Also, Pinball Wizard. "From Soho down to Brighton, I must have played them all"
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