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  1. Are these popular groups or artists that he would know? Mi nombre es bonits loca apestosa mona My name is beautiful crazy stinky monkey.
  2. Anyone like Enrique Iglesias? The song "Heaven" from Los Lonely Boys is the only song that I have heard. It sounds great. Do they just sing in English or are they all Spanish? I don't know if my friend wants love songs or hip hop or what. I just want to make it special. Something that will be treasured.
  3. I need help. I have a friend that I know. This person listens to Spanish music. I would like to put a CD together of all Spanish music. That way, when this person goes to Mexico for the Summer and Winter, he can listen to his CD. The only song that I really can think of is Jon Secada's spanish version of "Just Another Day(without you)". I dont know what groups is his favorites or even artists. Can someone help me? I also need an understanding of this piracy thing. What we can and cannot do. My husband no longer does LimeWire because of piracy. Is it illegal to burn a CD?
  4. My mom and dad will be celebrating 25 years of marriage on August 25th this year. I am looking for some or even one song that came out on that date or was #1 on that date. I am throwing them a party and would like to get something from that date that they would like. Normal People Scare Me!
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