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  1. String of Pearls is an instrumental from the 40's. Glenn Miller is best known for it, although others have done it as well. It's quite romantic, and everyone can dance to it.
  2. Sentimental Journey. Or String of Pearls. Both are beautiful.
  3. I feel fortunate to have grown up when I did, musically. ::
  4. What a let down. When you wrote Avril bashes Ashlee, I thought she literally bashed her, like with a club.
  5. Looks good to me, but I'd make these changes: Research- Gotta be the bluesboy. All business when it comes to his music. Nighttime DJ- XXX. He's always exploring music, he could get it out there. Man on the Street- Cyberdemon. Imagine the possibilities.
  6. Owned, my brother, owned.
  7. Dern, that must have been tough on your Mom.
  8. There's one scene in the first Nightmare on Elm Street...A dead girl inside a body bag, sctetching at it, moaning the other girls name. YIKES! I literally got up and started heading up the aisle, saying "no, no,no..." But the scariest of all time, still, to this day, is the woman standing in the middle of the snow covered road when the headlights hit her in "Ghost Story" DOUBLE YIKES!
  9. It was J.R. Ewing, an oil tycoon from a tv show from the 80's called Dallas. Someone shot him at the end of the season cliffhanger, and the whole country went nuts trying to figure out "Who Shot J.R.?" Anyway, if you want to learn more, there's a Dallas Reunion show on tv sometime soon. Not excactly sure when, I just know I saw a commercial. It's a slice of Americana.
  10. They've also never known life without cable, or a remote. When I was growing up, I was the remote. "Put on 6, boy."
  11. So are we to assume Betelguese is somewhere in Wisconsin?
  12. I have a fairly good sized stack of 70's compilation cd.
  13. Another thing that furthers the case that it's all about the money, touring. Now, I realize money today is bigger than back when I was cutting my teeth on music, but man...Bands like Grand Funk, The Who, Steve Miller, etc, toured for, literally, years at a time. It wasn't unusual for Aerosmith to play the Philadelphia Spectrum two nights, then 8 months later, play two more nights, on the same tour. Now, it's 6 months, 18 shows....c'mon, man, you're gonna tell me you love music? You don't love music, you play music because it makes you money, which is your true love. You play as little as possible, and still be able to maintain your posh lifestyle. That's all I have to say about that.
  14. I was speaking to a friend about this just yesterday.I'll say this, I'm 40, so I automatically gets points knocked off for bias. The way I see it, is so much music today has been blended together, it's all sounding the same. Crossover country, pop rap, metal/rap mutations...it's all being melted down, so there's less distinctive sound out there. In my day, (God, I use that alot more than I like), there were very specific categories. Rock, country, soul, Motown...everything had it's own distinctive sound. The lines are blurred to the point now, that someone, say, Kid Rock, is on rap, country, and pop stations simultaneously. Some may argue that's good, but I personally think it detracts from the very thing you turn the radio on for...the music. Artists compromise their talent (if they had any to begin with), just to make more money, by altering who they are, musically, to sell more records, to a genre that may not have listened to them otherwise. Plus, the cloning...good Lord, you could string together ..let's see....Lindsay, Brittney, Jessica, ..um..Christina,that one on SNL the other night,JLo,and probably 5 or 10 more, and play all their songs in a row, and they all sound the same. Dance pop. I feel for kids today. I was telling my friend, there's no loyalty to bands today. Why should there be? The bands aren't loyal to their fans. I understand kids loved Nirvana. I didn't know much about them, but I know this....they stayed true to the music, and the kids loved them for that. My brother , who's 12 years younger than me, was rocked when Kurt Cobain died. Those are the only t-shirts I see nowadays...Nirvana. I was telling my friend, I absolutely cherished my concert tees and my album. Passionate. There's no passion in music, only money. Why do you kids think we old timers still listen to stuff that's 30 years old? Because it's GOOD MUSIC!
  15. Well, I've always been fond of "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band. It's sort of a protest song. Judging some by their appearance. Excluding some because of their status in life.
  16. Augueri hits the notes, okay...but he doesn't sing them. That's what's missing.
  17. _jr_

    Red Sox 2004

    Anybody want a little icing on their cake? The Red Sox will recieve their rings next year on opening day in Fenway. they'll be playing.....the Yankees....
  18. windy my man's name is Carole....and she's my woman.... ::
  19. By the same token, some movies can be made to seem better than they truly are because of a good soundtrack.
  20. I bowled for a trophy once. Didn't get it, though. (geez, I'm turning into Chris)
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