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  1. Hhmmm...I can't get this image to come up. Interesting. Let's try this: The Perry
  2. Hey, these we what was in back in 82. The fact that I still have them, without any defects, says a lot about the craftsmanship. Plus, when I when I wear them now, they're a babe magnet. C'mon! That's a great looking shoe!!!
  3. I have a pair of Steve Perrys I bought in 82. 25 bucks, I think.
  4. LOL is the only one I use, I think.
  5. All I'm saying is, if you're having problems, describe the problem. That may help the admins pinpoint what is wrong. 'The site is slow' is pretty vague. Not much to go on, you know?
  6. Anyone ever dig on some Thelonius Monk? One long, great, jazzy/bluesy piano solo.
  7. Even though Big N is a little ways off from it yet, here is a helpful hint for teething: Freeze Pops Seriously. He can hold it easily, and he can't choke on it, it fits perfectly in his mouth for gnawing on, it's nice and cool on his gums. Plus, if one of his little choppers happens to punch a hole in it, the worst he'll get is some flavored sugar water. (and a purple shirt) Plus, you can buy ,like, 1000 of them for a buck. My kids used them the whole time they were teething.
  8. Katie46452 is officially my favorite new Songfactor..
  9. It says on my Yahoo mail that they're going to announce the verdict at 1:30PT (about a half an hour) What say ye!?
  10. HEY!!! That's my Cookie Monster!! I've been looking for that for months!!!
  11. I attended Monsters of Rock 1983 The lineup: Twisted Sister Meatloaf Motorhead Thin Lizzy (they blew them ALL away) Blue Oyster Cult Whitesnake I've a feeling I'm forgetting a couple. Hey, I was 19 and drunk, cut me some slack.
  12. I would like to officially announce I will win this month. I have all ten right, have guessed the exact number of participants, and even remembered to turn it in this month. You will see at the top of the list: Dave, from Newark, De. It's in the bank.
  13. It's pledge week here, too. I have seen in the last week: Eric Clapton's Blues Guitar Festival Springsteen Live in New York Sitting throught the pledge guys is a minor distraction, but it's not too bad. Oh, and as far as the game, I will answer the following way throughout this thread: A. Baseball B. NASCAR C. History Channel D. The Learning Channel/Discovery Channel/PBS the rest of tv is a vast wasteland directly contributing to the dumbing down of our country, and I will not watch it unless I can learn something from it, listen to the music, keep score, or count laps. Right now, A.
  14. "I logged in and went to the forums, and when I clicked on Music Discussion, and the screen came up saying I had to login in again." That is useful. "The site is slow, I couldn't get in for days." That isn't.
  15. I agree RJS. This place is free, and sometimes it's annoying to hear "oh, it's so slow! I can't get in! Waaaaa". Yea? So? Is complaining going to make it any faster? I could see complaining if we were paying a fee for the site.
  16. I arely watch any tv, but if someone on this show interests me, I'll stop on it. I only have 2 problems with this program. 1. When they have people on there who have absolutely no business being on there.(Roseanne Barr? Ben Affleck? Come on!) 2. Lately, it seems the only time anyone comes on is to promote their new movie. They aren't there to just talk about their craft.
  17. miamisammy should be in standup. What a waste of talent.
  18. That was back when beauty was seen for what it was. She was a beautiful woman, sure enough.
  19. Hey!!! That's Ace Frehley without his makeup!!! Great story, Ken. We used to have the Fireman's carnival every end of June, with fireworks on the 4th. My brother, a few friends and myself used to have jobs collecting bottles every night for the whole ten nights, and we'd each get 10 free tickets for the rides. What a great time in my life. Thanks, Ken!!
  20. Ok, they're 10 years old, but this is a baby thread, so.... Just over 1 year old Around age 3 or so ...and my baby By the way, Luke is 6 minutes older than Juli, and he never lets her forget it. LOL.
  21. He was warned. Then he was escorted from the premises.
  22. Hhhmmm...did no-one get the killer rack/Bullwinkle joke, or was it just not funny?
  23. I mentioned this in another thread somewhere. The Beatles also have a horn solo in "Penny Lane". Pretty good solo, at that.
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