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Last song you would want to hear. Ever.


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Believe, it´s a Russian song. My grandparents were russian, I knew it before Mary Hopkins :laughing:


Now, I see it´s not credited to McCartney... :shades: I perfectly remember, I had the single back then (promo stuff, I never bought that) and it was credited to him... :P he must have lost some trial... :grin:

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I've thought about this a bit since this thread began, and decided I would like the last song I would like to hear before I die should ideally be something I've never heard before, something which would take me somewhere I've never visited. I would like my life to be a journey of musical discovery right to the very end. :)

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Lea, that wasn´t Laurie but me, edna... Laurie and I are good friends but we don´t share brains... see, I have only three cells left in mine, two of them are already damaged, so I could hardly share... :grin:

Sorry edna :laughing: I knew I was really tired when I got off work last night but Danm.

It was a very cool video by the way.

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