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I skipped kindergarten, went straight to school. I had a pre-school thing the year before but can't remember the 'teacher' 's name. I do remember being taught about odd and even numbers though. I was 4. I remember the brown pegs, the flashcards, what the teachers was wearing and the explanation she gave as she moved the pegs around as part of the demonstration.

Ahem, sorry - I have lotof memories.

Your first memory

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My grandmother taking me to the attic and rocking me and singing to me shortly after I was born. Thank God she remembered it to or everyone would have thought I was nuts. I have a lot of memories like that and other people remember the incidents as well and I think I sometimes scare them when I talk about them :laughing:

Good question. What is yours?

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Biting into a glass at an engagement ceremony when I was around one or two years old. I stole the bride-to-be's thunder because suddenly everyone was panicking and making me open my mouth and trying to brush the glass out and I had no idea what the fuss was about. The bride was wearing green.

Your first word

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I was fired from class due to "mauvaise conduite" : I rolled on the floor while the teacher told us about Humpty Dumpty... it was my own impersonation of the character but they didn't understand it... I was three years old.

What about your first time you got in trouble? :shades:

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The big one was in 1959, when the whole family took off for the U.S. mainland, partly for my father to reconnect with World War II buddies and to pick up a Plymouth station wagon, which we drove from Detroit, Michigan to San Diego.

The first Rock song you understood and sang often enough to tick off your folks...

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