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tolPerfect Pitch

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Does anyone here have it?

I've been reading about it lately and it's really interesting.

Also Yngwie Malmsteen told me in one of his tutorial videos that if I don't have it, i suck and there's no way i can superior to the Lord Jesus Christ like he is.

But does anyone here have perfect/ absolute pitch??

Tell me about it!

Well I think I would get a new set of tutorials because I can assure you Mr.Malmsteen isn't superior to Jesus Christ. Only Jimi Hendix came close but Jesus played a even meaner axe.

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Yeah ... them Christians are a rough bunch. Starting up, volunteering for, contributing to all those hospitals and schools so they can mend the injuries of their warring hordes and teach their kids to hate.

Back to the subject:

Perfect pitch and I have absolutely no knowledge of one another, but my daughter has it. After hearing a note, a chord, she can start out cold and sing sychronous pitch; no sliding to find the note, no stopping and restarting, just there on demand after hearing the key. Downright scary, but her voice is uniquely enjoyable and SO unlike her father!

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