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Days Of Future Passed- The Moody Blues


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Days Of Future Passed

The Moody Blues


1. The day begins (5:49)

2. Dawn: Dawn is a feeling (3:49)

3. Morning: another Morning (3:40)

4. Lunch break: peak hour (5:16)

5. Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) (8:48)

6. Evening: the sun set: twilight time (6:14)

7. Night: nights in white satin (7:38)

Days Of Future Passed is, like it or not, of historical importance. It was one of the first albums to use a mellotron and had a the London Festival Orchestra playing on it. It was originally meant to be a recording of a Dvorak symphony with the Moody Blues. Luckily for rock music's development and our delicate ears, this idea was scrapped. Instead, The Moody Blues and the London Festival Orchestra recorded the band's songs with orchestral backing in an early concept album. My main complaint regarding this album is the integration of the orchestra. I find that the arragement for it is over the top at best and is used mainly as filler between songs. I will not, however complain about the flute on the album, especially on the last track, Nights In White Satin. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest rock songs ever. Justin Hayward's voice is absolutely heavenly and the song is beautifully written. Again, though, I find that the orchestral arrangement is a bit over the top, and the poetry at the end is great, but I would have preferred the album to end on vocals or perhaps on the flute part. I feel that all the songs on this album were very well written, and the backing works well in places, but all in all detracts from the album. Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)- also called Tuesday Afternoon- and Nights In White Satin are the highlights of Days Of Future Passed, and are truly masterful pieces of music.

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After a few more listens, I see that there's not really anything all that 'progressive' on this album, and the orchestra takes away from it. Seen as a pop album, however, I find that it is a collection of excellent songs performed well. While not the most intelligent recording ever, it is certainly enjoyable.

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