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Paul McCartney~Memory Almost Full


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Paul McCartney~Memory Almost Full (2007)

1.Dance Tonight

2.Ever Present Past

3.See Your Sunshine

4.Only Mama Knows

5.You Tell Me

6.Mr. Bellamy


8.Vintage Clothes

9.That Was Me

10.Feet in the Clouds

11.House of Wax

12.The End of the end

13.Nod Your Head

I picked this gem at a Starbucks in Germantown, MD for $16 and I don't regret it! "Dance Tonight" has a folk feel with Paul's mandolin, and I went "Whoa!" when the Semi-distorted guitar of "Ever Present Past" kicks in. The album flows almost seamlessly! The riffs of Ever Present Past end, and the "Doo-doo..." of the love song to HEATHER, (written in 2003) "See Your Sunshine" comes in. This album is SOOO good. When the opening strings of "Only Mama Knows" come in you're kinda expecting a slow, sad song. That's not the case. "Only Mama Knows" is a hard-rocking story of a child who was abandoned in the "transit lounge of a dirty airport town." The guitars are awesome and there are strings at the end, too. That song screams "SINGLE!" at me. "You Tell Me," ehhh. Paul's falsetto is kinda bad. I don't like it."Mr. Bellamy" is a great story-song of a person who is wanted to come down from somewhere to a person. I think that person is suicidal. The piano riff is very awesome and the vocal seems to pop in and pot on the riff. The Coda has a few horns and a person softly singing Come down, come down , come down to me." "Gratitude" has a gospel feel and is Ok. Would've been better with some guitar. Vintage Clothes is a nice little ditty about how what's out is in again. I like it. In "That was Me," Paul recalls is child hood in a acoustic rocker. "Feet in the Clouds." I love that song. It has great piano and great lyrics. The guitar solo on "House of Wax" is awesome! The whole 5:00 song is great too! Here is where Paul gets really sentimental. "The End of the End" is where Paul tells us about dying and such. All of a sudden, i what woul've been a perfect ending, "Nod Your Head" comes in with it's rocking guitar. I like the song but, I don't like it's placement on the album.

All in all, I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! If you love the Beatles or want to get some solo albums, get this, "Band on the Run," and "All things Must Pass." Also get this if you're a hardcore Paul fan. 9/10.

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Thanks! Its good to know that Paul McCartney isn't getting worse and worse like a certain '60s band that should have broken up shortly after The Beatles and whose name I can't mention for fear of being punished with death by the fanatic songfacters.

I believe you mean some band we :bow: :bow: :bow: and who hired an amazing guitar player (in 1969) who helped a lot to make it THE BEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD until 1975... :shades:

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