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The Daily Trivia Game

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I posted this over in Random Thoughts, but figured some of you Fun & Games folks might be interested and miss it over there:


It's pretty simple: sign in with a user name and password. You can play once in 24 hours and it ranks you by number of questions you got right and the amount of time it took you to answer. Everyone gets 10 slightly different general knowledge questions each time they play. At some point (if there's enough interest) we can look at assigning specific topics (i.e. geography, celebrities, science, animals) to different days.

Have fun :)

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Fin, that one I knew. Farin, you got the same question as me! I said the same thing!! The Heismann Trophy is a college football award, best player...

Damn Americanised questions. Since when was there an "East Carolina" anyway? :):P

(One of the two questions I got wrong was about Carolina football teams).

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