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Let's Take a Trip


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I was making up an entire trip around the world based on songs about specific places. So let's go. :grin:

We'll start out at Our House(Madness), go down Thunder Road (Springsteen) to the airport, where we'll say Goodbye Sky Harbor (Jimmy Eat World) and fly down to Mexico (Roger Clyne).

From there... (your turn)

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The boat got Shipwrecked and we ended up Living On An Island for a short time. The Lady In Red told us, "Don't Pay The Ferryman". We didn't. We were eventually rescued by Jacques Cousteau in the Calypso and taken to safety in Old England Town.

(How's that one?....THREE Chris DeBurgh references in a row in one paragraph! I do apologize.)

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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While looking for the House At Pooh Corner we were told by The Old Man Down The Road to take a left at The Seven Bridges Road, and continue on to Main Street. He said we'd find the Teddy Bear Down On The Corner. By the time he was done it just seemed to be a Ball Of Confusion.

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