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3 Favorite Albums of The 90's?

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What are your three favorite albums from the 1990's?

I'd have to go with these off the top of my head:

1). Jar of Flies - Alice In Chains (yeah, I know it was an EP :) )

2). Vs. - Pearl Jam

3). Under The Table and Dreaming - Dave Matthews Band


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Post more - feel free by all means, but make sure you number your top three. :)

Others of mine in no specific order:

Ten - Pearl Jam

Crash - Dave Matthews Band

Nevermind - Nirvana

The Chronic - Dr. Dre (is rap not spoken here? :) )

Beck - Odelay

Core - Stone Temple Pilots

Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins

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there are very few albums, where I would post a ":rockon:" for every song, if you know what I mean ;)

Urban Hymns, and Blur really do Rock, though :)

the other two are still good albums :)

I mainly posted them because there seemed to be too much Oasis here ;) while they're not bad, they're not my favourite band either :)

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1. U2: Achtung Baby

2. dEUS: In a Bar, Under the Sea

3. The Prodigy: Music for the Jilted Generation

other favorites from the '90s

Radiohead: OK Computer, Nirvana: Nevermind, Soundgarden: Superunknown, Metallica: the Black Album, Red Hot Chili Peppers: Bloodsugarsexmagic, Bob Dylan: Time out of Mind, Bruce Springsteen: The Ghost of Tom Joad, Chemical Brothers: Dig your own hole, Pixies: Bossanova, Therapy?: Troublegum, Soulwax: Much Against Everyones Advice

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Oh :doh: Urban Hymns!! thanks, Martin!

I also pick up Blood sugar sex magik, (What's the Story) Morning Glory and... eh.. Ten and Monster as well. Pearl Jam's No Code is good too.

Then there's God Shuffled his Feet by the Crash Test Dummies and Collective Soul's self-titled album. And I also like my recently acquired Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode.

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