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Pac-Man Fever Songfacts


Widely considered as the defining arcade game of the 80's. Pac-Man was popular with both guys and gals unlike it's predecessor (Asteroids and Space Invaders) which offered appeal to mostly males only.

One of the most famous video games of all times.

Originaly called "Puck-Man" in Japan, changed to Pac-Man for release in the U.S.A. because puck was similar in spelling and pronunciation to a common English expletive, and vandals could easily change it.

Pac-Man is a maze game. The player maneuvers Pac-Man, a yellow circle with a animated (opening and closing) mouth, to navigate a maze while eating small dots and other item prizes. A level is completed when all the "dots" are eaten. Their are four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) also wander the maze in an attempt to catch Pac-Man. Each level begins with three ghosts in their "ghost pen" and one above it, and Pac-Man near the bottom of the maze. The ghosts are released from the pen one by one at the start of each level.

Care to give it a try? CLICK HERE

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I started to play with computers in the early 90s, and my first contact with Pac-Man wasn't the original, but a clone called "CD-Man" anyone knows this?

but it was never one of my favourite games, out of "Arcade Games" I liked, eg "Breakout" (not the original either), "Sokoban" (4 Colors baby!), Scorched Earth or Nibbles (a Snake Clone)

ahh, the memorys :)

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I might see if I can find our old Atari ! We have Pac-Man, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Frogger and lots of other games. I don't know Centipede though.

Farin, I have Tetris on my computer, and even though my reflexes have slowed a lot, I still hold all the high scores. My 'kids' won't play anymore and I tease them that they can't even beat an old guy. I'll just have to teach my Grandkids.


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