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:thumbsup: holy cow, farin!!! look what i did!!! with alot of help from my friends. thanks for making it so easy for me. i know nothing about computers or computering, :doh: we knew of no such things when i was young.. and i'm sure having a tough time trying to figure tiny things out now :rockon: .. i think it's alzheimer's..(sp?)... :D brain doesn't work any more. it is so much fun getting old, ya gotta laugh about it. thanks again!!! :bow: :rockon:

changed my mind and went with the second one... it is a woman's perogative (wow, is that spelled wrong!!!hahaha!!!) to change her mind. i've heard that my entire life. don't guys ever change their minds??? i males i know sure do... i think that saying should be deleted. :rockon:

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Yay sadlady got her avatar! And a very nice one indeed!

thank you! i'd like to thank the academy.....lol. yep, i'm a real songfactor now. i feel so....ummm :confused: ...it gives me a warm feeling inside.. thank you for the standing ovation... lol... =:P :thumbsup: :coolio: :neener: :rockon: i'm so excited :happybanana: yep even the banana is dancing for me!!!

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you guys are my therapy... no health insurance, can't afford my shrink anymore nor most of my meds. having you guys to talk to is probably one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time. i have friends again!!!LOL i'm reaally working on not being so sad. and everyone here is just super!!! thanks to all my friends?.. and all your help and support.. :thumbsup: :bow: :D;) :rockon: :rockon:

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GladLady's better. Then I can make you an avatar of one of those women from the Glad commercials. :P

oooo yuk!! i am no housewife type person and i'm definitely NOT a lady, so i will have to sleep on the idea of a name change. i have been thinking about it from time to time.. but... you know..." why do today, what you can put off til tomorrow"...words to live by...lol... :rockon:

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the adress from where you had hotlinked the picture doesn't exist anymore... or at least it's left blank...

but with a little googling I found it again :


if you want to make sure that that doesn't happen again, you should either save the picture on your computer and choose "Upload an Image File" in your control panel,

or you could use an online image hosting service (like www.imageshack.us what I'm using :) )

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