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WANTED: Good Band Names


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This week a long-standing friend asked me, quite out of the blue , if I fancied forming a band with him. Exciting: though great friends, we haven't played music together since we were 16 before either of us had really learnt how to play our instruments. 25 years on, we've both been in quite a few bands, but not together, due to living in different cities.

We have some logistical difficulties to overcome before this project comes to fruition, but we agreed in principle that we'll give it a go.

It's too early to say how things will turn out, musically-speaking, but I would envisage us dabbling in the "dub-core post-rock slo-fry" genre, (that I just invented): somewhere between Public Image Limited, Slint, Godspeed You Black Emperor and The Butthole Surfers...

In the meantime, we welcome suggestions for band-names, preferably ones not used before. If, like me, you're the kind of daydreamer who's always thinking of (then forgetting) great ideas for band-names, please feel free to use this thread as a repository for your ideas.

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...or "Richard Madeley and the Wetwang Dukes"

or "The Kirkstall Flyers"

Maybe if we hoped to be "the new Splodgenessabounds".... Wetwang is such a great place-name though, isn't it?! "Wetwang Welcomes Careful Drivers"...Hmmmmmmm...

Kirkstall Flyers...you know I'm from Leeds and a great fan of punsmithery (oh yes, I spotted it), but strictly speaking, we won't be a Leeds band.

(And certainly not "the Leeds Keane"!!!)

Ideas mooted so far include:

The Dirty French

(Das Ist Ein) Spiegelei

Ladies Avert Your Eyes

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Without wanting (believe me) to have my arse etymologically and grammatically wiped by BF again...why should this have a comma? It doesn't appear to be a possessive (the 'your' having donated the possesive to 'eyes'. Your Lady's Eyes...would be correct...but would imply a singular Lady) and the plural of Lady is Ladies, is it not? So, if it is an exhortation for a group of ladies to avert their occular equipment...it's fine without the comma...or am I mistaken?

How about 'Oops, Upside My Arse'?


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