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The greatest stage moment in rock history

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Thanks floyd! Those that know me here on SF know that I am very emotional and hippie-ish. And music is one of my greatest passions, it has helped me through so many things in my life. It runs through my veins and I don't ever want to have a day without music. That is one reason Janis is my favorite, I feel we are kindred souls and music was her friend and lover when she needed it to be.

You're welcome. Music is one of my greatest passions too, life would be really boring without music, wouldn't it??.

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I saw that movie every weekend for five or seven years... :cool: but yes, you´re right... (again) and I wouldn´t know what he looks like. Maybe we should warn him with a microphone: "Mr. Meredith Hunter... please, come backstage, God has an important message to you" (God is Keith, you know that... :shades: )

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