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Ok kids, gonna pick at your brains. At the station we are trying to do things the listener like to hear. Last year we did the Top 92 Countdown, this year it was the Top 92 Artist Countdown. We are thinking of top guitarists, top vocalists, and since most of you listen to the radio, what would you like to hear? Remember we are a classic hits station, mostly music from the 60's 70' and 80's. Just want to get a listeners point of view.

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Alone Again Or - Love

Penthouse Pauper - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bluebird - Leon Russell

Only You Know and I Know - Delaney & Bonnie

Giant Step - Taj Mahal

I Got a Line on You - Spirit

Pride of Man - Quicksilver Messenger Service

Down on Me - Big Brother & the Holding Company

Witchi-Tai-To - Brewer & Shipley

Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder

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Are you asking for general programming or top 92 countdown suggestions? If it's a top 92, I would love the top 92 Beatles songs or top 92 Zep songs if you could do something like that, and maybe to a listener poll to figure out the play order. Our classic radio station is now considering 80s hair metal to be classic rock. If it weren't the only decent station in the area, I would switch.

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Have you ever done countdowns of the greatest songs from a certain year? Not necessarily 92 songs, but maybe a top 20 or 50? I would be very interested in a countdown of the greatest songs of any year in the 60s or 70s.

Or, alternatively, be a bit more general and make it the top 92 songs of the 60s and the top 92 songs of the 70s.

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