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The Who~Who's Next


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1.Baba O'Riley


3.Love Ain't For Keeping

4.My Wife

5.The Song is Over

6.Getting in Tune

7.Going Mobile

8.Behind Blue Eyes

9.Won't Get Fooled Again

(I'm not doing the bonus tracks, 'cause they're not the real album)

Who's Next is their best album, for sure. There is some hard stuff, like "Won't Get Fooled Again", while there is some soft stuff, like "The Song is Over".

John Entwistle delivers some good material on "My Wife".

I don't like the bonus tracks, because they're too, well, BONUS! I like bonus tracks that were pervously released, like B-sides of songs around that era.

Overall, this album is the greatest, period.

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Oh, and sorry about the size bar, I use Imageshack and they put that thing on.

I believe you copy and paste "hotlinks for forums", that is why the bar shows. Just copy the last bar, "direct link to image" and paste it in the image box... that´s how I do.

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If I remember distinctively enough; this was the album that got me into rock & roll. Later on I had recorded their music videos & a live rare bootleg concert on one VHS tape, when VH1 used to play classic rock clips around 15 years ago. I keep hoping that I find that tape around somewhere someday, I'd love to see it again. :crazy:

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