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Lost SPOILER Thread!


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It really really was. And the more I think about it, it was perfect. Plus they left a lot of room for you to sort of infer your own ideas about it. But damn, this sure was one hell of a ride.

Also, I was SO happy that Lapitus was still alive!!! haha. he's the man.

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I absolutely loved it. Seeing a lot of "meh" from my FB friends. I think some people expected to have all, or many, or their questions answered. But that's just not how life works. Most of the time you have to make up the answers as you go.

And really, who cares if Damon & Carlton were making it up as they went along or if they actually had a plan. As far as I'm concerned, they made it work and I walked away satisfied.

It really was beautiful.

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Did anyone else watch Jimmy Kimmel's Aloha To Lost? I DVRed it last night and watched this afternoon. It was very good. A nice way to ease the emotion of the loss (so to speak).

It came complete with several LOST regulars guesting and three alternate endings that were fun.

In case you missed it and forgot to TIVO or DVR it you can watch it here....


When you get there click on "Watch the full episode here!" and wait for it to load.

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I've read a lot of needless bitching today about the finale. I feel very sorry for those people. The best quote I've seen thusfar is from Jeff Jensen's column from Entertainment Weekly.

"I thought 'The End' was a fantastic though not flawless fantasy that stirred more of my emotions than my mind, and I was satisfied with that. "

Well said, sir. I loved it more this morning when I had time to process it. Fan-f^%$-ing-tastic.

I've got Kimmell DVR'd, too. I'll watch it tonight after I get home from work.

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Hey, Peachy :)

I thought it only fitting that I come back and post a few thoughts. After all, I did start the thread way back in the day. Really odd that we started it by talking about Henry Gale!

And sorry to disappear for so long. Smokey made me do it...just call me Crazy Claire ;)

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I'm going to preface the following statement by acknowledging the fact that I have gone completely off the deep end, batsh*t crazy, obsessed with Lost.

I think Vincent is Jacob. He was the first one to make contact with Jack in the pilot and the last one to make contact with him in the finale. We see Jacob hand over the reigns to Jack but we never actually see him "die" or whatever he's supposed to do.

Plus, he's a blond dog. And I swear I heard him bark, "Where's the money, Lebowski?"

Okay, I'm being an a-hole with the last thing, but I'm fairly serious about the rest. Not that it changes anything but proves that there is so much esoteric stuff jammed into all 6 seasons that we could feasibly be picking this apart for years to come.

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^I loved that line. :D

I also heard some unfavourable reviews about the ending. Forgive me this mild rant in reply.

I absolutely agree that most of the negativity was by people who never really understood what the show was about in the first place: the characters, their stories, their lives, not some in-depth quantum mechanics-level explanation of how the island glows/time travels/gives eternal life/heals etc. Not always getting the full why and how is something everyone can relate to. People are more than the things that happen to them. But you don't need all the technical answers to understand the show, you just need to invest some time, attention and bit of brain power into the story which, as evidence by the popularity of reality TV, is something the general public seems strongly opposed to doing.

As for the finale, I don't think they could have ended it any other way. Reconciling the flash-sideways with the regular time line was in typical mind-blowing, heart-wrenching yet believable Lost style. Death of some, survival of others, good trumps evil, Hurley in charge and Jack at peace, closing his eyes paralleling when he opened them after the crash in the first episode. Classic.

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