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Lost SPOILER Thread!


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That's more like it , folks . Tanks a bunch ! :thumbsup: :rockon:

Likely still 4 or 5 months here till we start to see Season 6 , but I wanna be ahead of the curve , as I just can't wait either .

Also , kudos to Josh Holloway for sticking with the series to the end . I've heard that he has been swamped with other project offers over the last 5 years but has stayed committed to the series despite that , and he's no spring chicken anymore . My ol' buddy Sawyer ( well ... I call him that, having met him for a good 5 minutes ) is true blue . :thumbsup: :bow:

We're headed back to Hawaii again in April . Hope I can run into some other cast members ; I'm thinking Kate or Julliette in a bikini on the beach ( without the wife around) would be sweet , though Josh shares more of my vices . :D

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Ok , you were on a roll ... so, I can't believe that that guy did that to him ... and when she said that to them , eh ?! That was unbelievable ! ... Wow !

I NEVER thought those things would happen !!?!

Please discuss in detail . (Spoiler thread , after all- or is it ? ) :)

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