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Lost SPOILER Thread!


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I'm thinking the writers might spare Charlie just to piss us off :P

There's an internet rumor that they're going to off Sawyer ('cause people deal with their demons and then die?) I might have to hurt someone if they kill off my (our?) man....

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( According to Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of "Lost". Is it any wonder I have a nerd crush on this dude?)

5. Rose quietly snuffing the life out of Bernard by holding his nostrils closed while looking distractedly at Aaron's car seat.

4. Hurley feeling a great disturbance in the Force (''as if many voices cried out and were suddenly silent'') because his cousin back in Valencia, Calif., was blown up in a nuclear explosion and no one seemed to give a crud.

3. Kate and Juliet doing each other's hair and nicknaming Jack ''McIntensey'' and Sawyer ''McMurderedTheManWhoConnedHisParentsy.''

2. A character travelling back in time to warn all the other characters to do something, but by doing that something, they prevent a future that might have happened but never did had the character not travelled back in time, thus negating the entire reason behind everything.

1. Sanjaya.

As to what you WILL see?


Jack not only smiles once...he smiles TWICE.

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I'm guessing that next seasson we'll see a resolution to who's on the boat waiting to "rescue" our survivors. They take over the boat in a coup? Who and how get resuced. Perhaps even why they were on the island in the first place.

Then I suspect the show will examine the readjustment (or lack thereof) to the real world. Examine the realization that it would be better for some to get back to the island.

The season will probably end with some of the gang gathered and planning (perhaps beginning) their attempt to get back to the island.

Meanwhile, relationships started on the island develop or crumble. Some other questions need answering...Locke, Michael, the kid, etc.

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Remember though the show has been booked for 3 more seasons, I really don't want to see them adjusting to the real world for 3 more years. I want them back on the island, as you said so many unanswered questions. That needs to be the last season, them in the real world, I am keeping faith in the writers and creators of the show not to let us down.

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