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Lost SPOILER Thread!

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Unbelievable . The show really would make you feel lost then if he had to play the character as a moody , wise-cracking , red necked , con artist / assassin , etc. and a competeing love interest with Jack for Kate ... !?! :laughing: Thanks for picture , though , I'm going chuckle all day about it ! :D

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I thought it was wonderful and not just fluff. Of course Hurley is my main man, so I may be a little biased. But his flashback was good and gave us more insight into the curse of the numbers. Finding the VW bus (Little Miss Sunshine much?) and evidence of more Dharma people was good. Kate rounding up the crazy French chick and planning to escape Jack was plot advancing. They touched on Charlie's pathetic self-absorption. Jin and Sun got some play after dropping off the radar. And Vincent! Where the hell has that mangy mutt been? I prefer this type of episode after devoting so much time to one particular plot line. They shouldn't have introduced 5 thousand different characters if they weren't going to invest in them all.

Kudos, I say! And yay for Hurley! I swear I almost cried when he was talking to Libby's grave. :(

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