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The Topical Ten. Can you Guess them from the Clues ?

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In an even more flagrant "sampling" overdose, rapper Coolio's 1995 chart topping single Gangster's Paradise is outright taken altogether from Stevie Wonder's Pastime Paradise ( a track from Stevie's 1976 album Songs In The Key Of Life ). Coolio barely bothered to change the title or the lyrics. I think he may have belatedly acknowledged Stevie Wonder.

and I always liked "Amish Paradise" by Weird Al... :P

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Funny, my Wife and I like "Medium". We don't usually go for "psychic" shows. What's the one Jennifer Love Hewitt is in ? "Ghost Whisperer ?" It's awful. I could watch her and turn off the sound, but I'd feel like a dirty old man, because I remember her as a kid in "Party Of Five".


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