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not me, certainly! they were mostly in their twilight years too. i saw a group of lads having a naked taparound with a football one day and another time i saw an extremely brave man who was playing with his dog, letting him jump up on him and everything - mind the paws! i'm not a big fan of all this nakedness, t be honest!

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World Cup-Oktoberfest... hmmmm.... where's the similarity? Our German friends will be happy to know that Wayne Rooney has broken his big toe, and is likely to be out. Michael Owen is in the squad though... odd, the figures 5-1 spring to mind... lol

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you're right das, you probably don't!

diggs, how about an amalgamation of the festivals called the worldcuptoberfest? i think it's catchy!

oh and did you hear that the english squad footballers' wives are gonna have to hire their own plane to get past luggage restrictions?! typisch!

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You know guys, I'm sitting right here. (sniff)

aaaaaw sorry joe, of course we didn't mean you!

Ach! Zen neffermind.

that reminds me of will ferrell in the producers - i haff to tell my burds! so funny!

I meant old German men, Farin.

nice save, das!

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No need to apologize, Diggs, I was only kidding ;)

We haven't had that much success in the last months/years either (4:1 vs. Italy!)

With the question whether Lehmann or Kahn is actually quite difficult, but in the recent shape it's Lehmann.

Did you know that Ballack will play for Chelsea as of next season?

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