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Six Degrees


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I confess I found the word "Brobdingnagian" in my thesaurus. It's the "land of giants" in Gulliver's Travels, which I've just finished reading to my son, so it seemed apposite. "Abstemious" I did know already, but I confess I only use it sparingly.

Hey, didn't Laura Brobdingnagian sing that song "Gloria" back in the 80s?

Great gag, Peaches! :laughing:

Now, anyone ready to play "Six Degrees"?

It was Rolf Harris / Slipknot , remember?

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Let's see.

There's a theory that any individual can be linked to any other individual within "6 degrees of separation" i.e., Person knows someone,(1st degree) who in turn collaborated with someone else(2nd degree) who corresponded with someone else (3rd) who was a member of the same club as (4th)etc. So theoretically, you are 6 degrees away from George Bush.

An example: me -> George Bush

When I was in a band we supported Chumbawamba, so I became acquainted with their vocalist Danbert Nobacon (1) -> who, at the Brit Awards do, caused a kerfuffle by pouring water over Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (2) -> who is Deputy to Tony Blair (3) -> who is George Dubya's pet chihuahua(4).

Wow! Only 4 degrees from me to Bush!

Now, I'm not a film buff, as I seldom watch any, but they invented a game called "6 degrees from Kevin Bacon" because apparently he appeared in so many damn films that they reckon everybody is "related" to him somehow or another...

So this game: you take two apparently dissimilar entities (musicians / performers/whatever) and link them as described, by tracing the degrees of separation between them.

Any clearer? ;)

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Phil Lynott to Miss Piggy? Piece of pi$$...

Phil Lynott - Black, Irish, with a big head, like...

A Pint of Guiness - a fine accompaniment for a ...

Ploughman's Lunch - shares a surname with...

Lydia Lunch - a tattooed lady, possibly the subject of the song...

Lydia The Tattooed Lady - a hit for...

Kermit the Frog

Ozzy Osbourne ->->-> Kylie Minogue

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Whoa...I wasn't even answering your question!

I don't know if that answer falls in line with the general idea of this game. That's why I asked. I thought we were supposed to use people as connections, and not necessarily events or random observations. It's actually pretty funny like this, so I don't really care.

I posted that Slipknot/The Wiggles one as a joke, and someone actually answered it. So there you go.

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Well, to be honest, you didn't exactly "go with the formula", but I didn't want to "urinate on your bonfire" as we say round these parts.

And since I have to go to bed, I thought maybe you might like to take over by offering a disparate duo up for the game of "Six degrees of Separation". Saves you the hassle of actually taking part!

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Just realised I fouled up the other night by ending the Phil Lynott ->->-> Miss Piggy continuum prematurely. But everybody knows the link between Kermit & Miss Piggy don't they?

("What's green and smells of pork?" etc,etc.)

DasLied neglected to start you a new one, so how about....

The Fonz ->->-> Shane MacGowan

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You b*stard! I've been wrestling with that puzzle for four years. The sleepless nights I've had. :(

Still, I did discover that Suzi Quatro, who scored a good number of UK hits in the 1970s and who also recurrently played Leathers Tuscadero in "Happy Days", is the aunt of Sherilyn Fenn, (Audrey Horne in "Twin Peaks"), which I didn't know before. Nor did I know that it was Jane from The Mo-Dettes who bit a chunk out of Shane McGowan's ear at an early Clash gig. So at least it wasn't four years wasted.

Good work, Farin! :D

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