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Songs that other artists should have covered

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OK, here's a thread that should last awhile... Do you have any songs in mind that you think should have been covered by certain other artists?

I have a few in mind, so I'll get this snowball rolling down the hill...

"Fresh Air" by Quicksilver Messenger Service

Should have been covered by: Santana

Why: This Latin-tinged song is vaguely reminiscent of early Santana classics like "Evilways" and "No One To Depend On".

"Never Been To Spain" by Three Dog Night

Should have been covered by: The Black Crowes

Why: The song would have been right at home on one of the Crowes' first two albums (think "She Talks To Angels" or "Thorn In My Pride").

"Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond

Should have been covered by: R.E.M.

Why: Speed up the tempo of Diamond's song just a touch (no pun intended) and it could have fit on any of R.E.M.'s albums from their IRS days (i.e. Murmur thru Document), or even a little later (think "Texarkana").

"Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers Band

Should have been covered by: Joe Cocker

Why: I know what you're thinking... "Great, just what the world needs - yet another Joe Cocker cover song." Still, "Whipping Post" does bear a passing resemblance to some of Cocker's covers from that same era (think "The Letter" or "With A Little Help From My Friends"), the odd time signatures notwithstanding. I can almost hear Cocker singing "Good Lord, I feel like I'm dying..."

"Will A Little More Love Make It Right" by Olivia Newton-John

Should have been covered by: Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen

Why: Hagar's VH never got around to continuing the David Lee Roth-era tradition of hard-driving but unlikely covers ("You Really Got Me", "Oh Pretty Woman"), but Newton-John's hit could have made an interesting candidate. The chorus in particular sounds almost as though it was written with Hagar, Eddie Van Halen and Michael Anthony in mind as the vocalists.

"Lonesome Loser" - or actually, almost any given song by the Little River Band

Should have been covered by: Wilson Phillips

Why: "Release Me" (WP's big hit) vaguely reminded me of LRB, and it occurred to me that WP could probably do at least a passable remake of most of LRB's big hit songs.

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I didn´t stop till I found a cover of "Hooked on a feeling" by Jonathan King, 1972. He´s the author of the original "hooka chaga hooka" chorus though the song was released by B.J.Thomas soon before. Blue Suede made their version just like J. King´s.

By the way, King is in jail for being a pederast or something like that... :crazy: :P

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I was listening to the radio at work, and the night shift guy came in and said "that sounds like Perry Como on the radio"....I laughed and informed him, that's Jim Morrison, The Doors. The Song was Riders On The Storm that was playing....so can you imagine Perry singing the line "His brain is squirmin like a toad?" :grin:

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