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Crosby, Stills Nash & Young: Dejá Vù


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The reunion of the talents of Crosby, Stills and Nash and Neil Young as the fourth element in the formula gave as a result this masterpiece in 1970. If the debut album of the supertrio had caused sensation with its nice combination of folk-pop and gorgeous vocal harmonies, the inclusion of the former Stills´ mate in Buffalo Springfield, bassist Greg Reeves and Dallas Taylor on the drums to strengthen the band in the live shows of 1969 supposed a leap ahead to a more direct, powerful and rocker sound for the band, with Young contributing not only with his singer and writter abilities, but with the nerve and energy of his guitar, which gives more consistence to the sound of the band, counter-balancing Nash´s tendency to the excess of mellowness and making the band move with agility across a wide range of styles: folk (the austere "4+20" by Stills), country (the unforgettable "Teach Your Children" by Nash, with its beutiful harmonies and Jerry Garcia´s pedal steel guitar collaboration, or the evocative Young´s ballad "Helpless), pop ("Our House", Nash´s mellow number), quasi- progressive psiquedelia (the opening track "Carry On", Crosby´s "Déjà Vu", with John Sebastian as guest star on the harmonica or Young´s mini-suite "Country Girl), and powerful guitar rock ("Almost Cut My Hair", Crosby´s self -afirmative hymn, with its magnificent duel of Still and Young´s guitars; "Woodstock" awesome cover on Joni Mitchel´s hippy anthem or the closing track "Everybody I Love You"). A great clasic from a big reunion of excelent musicians.

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