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Rude Britain?


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I went up the A1 past Wetwang and close to Cockermouth recently.

You know, many of these names were given when the districts were of 'dubious' repute, and were a direct reflection of what actually went on - saved on directions I suppose. This doesn't explain why there is a hamlet called 'Dog Bottom' near us though, or the reason for calling an East Anglian village close to where I once lived as Pulham St.Mary.


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I came into work this morning feeling sorry for myself and have a ever so slight whiff of a hangover, then I saw this thread. Have never giggled so much so early on a friday morning at work! I want to live here:

43 Honey Knob Hill, Wiltshire or,

37 Happy Bottom, Dorset

Thankyou so much for that list!! I shall hopefully raise a smile with my colleagues now!


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oh, and Cockfosters, which Ive always thought is slightly strange!!

I live near a village called Towcester, pronounced Toaster, which I never realised was odd until I went to uni and my new friends pointed it out to me! I guess you just tend to accept these things growing up and not notice!

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