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In Case of Emergency


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deal!!!! you hav no idea how broody i've been ately - today i saw a baby on the u-bahn and randomly started crying!!! crayz! i wouldn;t be jeaklous in the morning if i were you although i'm following jr's would-be advie and drinking lots of water before bedtime! give the little one a kiss for me - i'm the jealous one"!!

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lol - i should really have some kind of code for getting onto SF which i won't remember when tipsy to stop me coming on and embarrassing myself!!

i searched frantically through all my things and magically found two solpadeine which have been in my bathroom bag for a year! feeling a lot better now....phew!

my friend's 21st tonight though and we're throwing him a party so loads of shopping and organisation to do today and more partying tonight - when will it end?! :P

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I believe you´re very funny when you´ve had some nutella on the rocks, Gis!! :laughing: :laughing: Specially the typos that go wherever they want to... :D

I´ve had a J before posting sometimes... not often because I don´t post at night... :beatnik:

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