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Who are the morons who decided to put a couple of MTV idiots on to interrupt vitually every song?

I was listening to/ watching P.F., and right in the middle of the song, here are these two tools telling me I'm witnessing music history. NO, I'M NOT!!! I'M WATCHING TWO IRRELEVANT BARNACLES ON THE MUSIC OF LIFE TALK OVER ONE OF THE MOST WELL CRAFTED ROCK SONGS OF ALL TIME!!!

Who's bright idea was this? They should have just let us listen to the music. Screw all those MTV 'hip' people, and just keep the cameras on the reason everyone is watching...the artists.

Anyway, I feel better. I missed it until around 4 pm. (Working). But what I did see, I enjoyed.

A few random thoughts:

I'm not so sure Destiny's Child wasn't lip sincing.

Stevie Wonder was awesome. You know, for a blind guy, I can't ever remember a time when Stevie didn't look sharp.

Is a song any good when you repeat your own name in the song repeatedly? (Snoop Dogg)

Rob Thomas has a pretty good voice.

Note to George Michael: It's 2005, not 1985. Ditch the State Trooper sunglasses.

I like Jet

Note to Slash: It's 2005, not 1985. Ditch the hat and the dangling smoke.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 4 hours or so that I saw. Good music, a wide variety. That's probably the most tv I've watched in a row in 10 years or better. (not counting sports)

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I missed Pink Floyd almost completely. I caught the end of Comfortably Numb, but then those dumbas.s musical sheep who know nothing came on, interrupting PINK FLOYD. You DON'T do that. Ever. You don't do it to any band, but especially not Pink Floyd. Once again proving that to the majority of today's youth and the sh.itty media that represents it, """""music""""" is more about the image than the music. Today's average teenage audience could be deaf and not care.

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I mentioned this in another Live 8 thread, but showing half of "Saturday Night's Allright for Fighting" by Elton, and having it interrupted by three Maroon 5 songs is just wrong. And yeah, they talked all the way through the Comfortably Numb solo. You just can't do that. Not even "Sway" from MTV can do that. Yet he did.

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