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Primus - Sailing The Seas of Cheese

Primus is a truly unique band. Words that would describe them are bizzare, a little creepy, and funky. The bassist, Les Claypool plays with a funky style, and slaps his bass so loud, it could probably double as percussion. They don't do that, though, so they have a heaviness to their sound. Amidst the funkiness is Larry Lalonde's guitar sounds like something you'd hear in heavy metal. Claypool sounds a little unorganized playing by himself, and Lalonde seems like by himself he may have tempo problems. But somehow when the 2 come together, they make an amazing fusion of music that sounds unorganized, but controlled, in a sense. When I say this band is funky, I don't mean they play funk music. I mean funky as in quirky, droll, or whimsical, but in a heavier sort of way. As for the CD, it includes one of their best songs, which really shows their style. The song is "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" and it encompasses everything Primus is about. If you are a fan of Zappa, chances are you might like this, even though they don't sound similar.

Now for a review on a more well known album:

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys

1. Who Knows

2. Machine Gun

3. Changes

4. Power To Love

5. Message To Love

6. We Gotta Live Together

When someone thinks of Jimi Hendrix, there are many different Jimis one thinks of. There is the most well-known Jimi, a loud, crazy, psychadelic rocker who lights his guitar on fire, with songs like Purple Haze and Voodoo Child (slight return). There is also the softer Jimi, a talented guitarist who has beautiful songs, such as Little Wing and Casltes Made of Sand. Then there is Psychadelic Jimi, a stoned, psychadelic guitarist, with diverse music and songs like Burning of the Midnight Lamp and All Along the Watchtower.

One Jimi nobody usually thinks of his more soulful side. Jimi isn't exactly well known for his live performances, as many of them are terribly recorded. His guitar can get rather sloppy and messy. This album is different though. His guitar is fantastic. Rather than rooted in blues, psychadelia, and hard rock, this album is rooted in soul, funk, and R&B. You won't find to many hard rock songs here. The hardest rock song here is "Changes" which has a terrific wah wah intro. Then of course, there is Machine Gun. Which among fans is regarded as Jimi's best solo ever.

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Few works of music laid out upon a vinyl platter captured the emotion, passion and energy that Fleetwood Mac's ~ Rumours does.

One of the biggest sellng album in music history, Rumours rolled out on February 4, 1977. Making it to #1 on the billboard top 100 chart, spending 134 weeks on billboard, and certified 13x Platinum: 3/1/89

1. Second Hand News

2. Dreams

3. Never Going Back Again

4. Don't Stop

5. Go Your Own Way

6. Songbird

7. Chain

8. You Make Loving Fun

9. I Don't Want to Know

10. Oh Daddy

11. Gold Dust Woman

What a great new sound this introduced, starting out with an up-beat sassy song called "Second Hand News", then settling into an alltime classic track "Dreams", Nicks vocals truly shine in this song, the song was so popular in the summer of '77 I remember it being played all the time, I never get tired of it. "Never Going Back Again' is the third track a nice diddy guitar pickin' tune really fits well between Dreams and the brassy sound to "Don't Stop", which not only has some great use of intruments but the whole song just gets you going. "Go Your Own Way" is yet another favorite, the changes and shifts are fantastic. Then we slow thing way down to a beautiful song called "Songbird" what a wonderful, and spirited soft voice Christine has. The song "Chain" starts to pick the tempo back up, another simply song but packed with feelings and style and then we wisp away into "You Make Loving Fun" which again like previous tracks uses the talents of all member very well, "I Don't Want to Know" is another tune I tend to term a diddy because it's a "so simple an upbeat tempo" coupling Nicks and Vie's voices together with a simple back beat and light lyrics.

The ambum wraps with a soft song "Oh Daddy" and another giant "Gold Dust Woman" that just simply put is a warm finale to this awesome treasure called "Rumours".

Most everyone I knew in the late 70's had this album, still a brisk seller in this day. A great classic never fades!


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Someone recommended this album a few lists ago. I seconded it then, and I'll second it now.

It is one of those classics that you know every song, whether you're a fan or not. Owned it on 8-track, album, tape a few times, and finally, cd.

Like I said before, the emotions were running high between the members of the band during the recording of this. And it comes through in the songs.

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Indeed it has. First by Laurie, then second by Laurie, seconded by you and Foxy.

I thought that a little write up might be important, especially since it had not been done in the previous posts.


Sometimes, three times, is a charm!

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Alright, I'll start the ball rolling..

Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight.

The sheer depth of the tracks on this album is astonishing, especially considering the band refers to it as being "knocked out". Gazpacho has echoes of the story of Raging Bull's Jake La Motta, OJ Simpson, and Kurt Cobain.. Beautiful, the hit single from the album, is a lament for the general lack of interest in things once considered beautiful. It's just too un-cool these days.. Cannibal Surf Babe is a fun nod to the beach boys sound, with tongue in cheek lyrics that are a "cross between brian wilson and pamela anderson combined with a little hannibal lechter".. Afraid of Sunrise and Afraid of Sunlight are two songs that grew out of one lyrical idea. Each stand strong on their own right, and each are heartachingly wonderful. Out of this World is the story of the Bluebird, and Donald Campbell. Don was trying to break his own water speed record, when his boat, the bluebird, was lost in an accident that claimed Don's life. This song was the impetus of the raising of the bluebird a few years ago. The singer, Steve Hogarth, and the guitarist, Steve Rothery, were both present for the ceremony and performed an acoustic version of the song there. Beyond You is a kickback to the Phil Spector "wall of sound".. And the album ends with King, a song about the difficulties of fame experienced by people such as Elvis Presely, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain, and how they deal with the pressures of stardom. "will you get what you want, to be cursed with your dreams..."

I can't recommend this band enough, and I think this album is a fantastic place to start your new life with marillion. :)

And don't forget, you can get a free sampler from marillion, if you're not sure you'll like them. Just go to marillion.com and look for the link for the "Crash Course Sampler CD" link.

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(referring to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album) Someone recommended this album a few lists ago. I seconded it then, and I'll second it now.

It is one of those classics that you know every song, whether you're a fan or not. Owned it on 8-track, album, tape a few times, and finally, cd.

Like I said before, the emotions were running high between the members of the band during the recording of this. And it comes through in the songs.

Back in the 70's when they still kept the Top 100 Of The Year charts (I am not sure if they still do, Billboard that is) I once read this album was the only album ever to have every song on the album on the chart. Can anyone else confirm this? That fact alone would make this album one of the classics of our generation!

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a kind of random reccomendation that i thought of last night, which is probably not appropriate but i'd like to talk about it anyway

requiem for a dream

the soundtrack to "requiem for a dream" was composed by clint masell and is performed by the kronos quartet. i don't really know what genre to classify it as, probably instrumental? it revolves around one main theme which is very emotional and portays the drama that the characters as living very well. i don't think you need to have seen the film to appreciate the music though, as i've played it to a couple of people who haven't, and they fell in love with the music too. just goes to show that you don't need lyrics to convey emotions!

all in all, an incredible piece of music performed by very talented musicians (they played in london at some point but unfortunately i couldn't go...), highly reccomended!

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I'll plug this one again. You will thank me.


Dr. John's Gumbo

Over a forty year career Dr. John has concocted scads of albums in various styles, and with a huge differences in success and quality.

But this one is, by any standard, an undeniable Masterpiece. Some of his very best piano work (? radiatin? the 88s ?) shines in these just-right arrangements of a dozen funky New Orleans R&B numbers. An amazingly accomplished group of simpatico hometown players click with Dr. John?s eccentric vocal styling. You can listen to this album hundreds of times and never get tired of this stuff.

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Here's List #9:

Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Marillion - Afraid Of Sunlight

Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack

Dr' John's Gumbo

Rumours got an overwhelming show of support. We set the link to the new 2-disc edition which contains "Silver Springs" (yes, it was left off the original).

Primus Sucks! So we included them in this one.

Marillion has some hardcore fans, including many who are trying to spread their Gospel to the United States. A listen to this album should help.

I don't know much about Dr. John or the Requiem soundtrack, but they sound real interesting.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and please give us more ideas for list 10.

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