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Carole King


Carole King started her career by writing pop songs in the 60s (some with her husband at the time Gerry Goffin) for such acts as the Shirelles, the Drifters, the Chiffons and Aretha Franklin. But in 1971 she released "Tapestry" and changed her title from songwriter to singer/songwriter. The album won 4 Grammys and yielded such hits as "I Feel The Earth Move", "So Far Away", and "It's Too Late". There are also 3 of Carole's renditions of songs she had written for other artists - "Natural Woman" for Aretha Franklin, "You've Got A Friend" for James Taylor and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" for the Shirelle's. Her version of "Will You Still Love Me" has a much more adult feel than the girl group's.

What a great album ~ it's poppy, soulful, and has stood the test of time. I remember my mother playing this when I was a little girl, and all these years later, I am still playing it.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

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Peaches, you are the queen of my universe! :bow: Tapestry will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time ever.

I recommend Gold by the love of my life, Ryan Adams. Gold came out in 2001 shortly before September 11 and its single New York New York quickly became a rallying anthem, though the song is about Ryan (yet again) leaving behind a girlfriend and moving on. Most of the songs are mellow and abound with simple guitars, harmonica, and maybe a little banjo (the funnest of all instruments). Some of my favorites are New York New York, Firecracker, Answering Bell, Some How Some Day, Wild Flowers, and Harder Now That It's Over. When the Stars Go Blue (covered wonderfully by The Corrs and Bono) is a beautiful, heartbreaking song. If you like Wilco and other alt-country, you'll like Gold.

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Here's what we went with:

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors

Pixies - Best Of

Soundgarden - Operation Mindcrime

Alice Cooper - Trash

Skynyrd deserves some love for not being in the R&R Hall Of Fame. They're second only to the Allman Brothers on the Southern Rock food chain, yet somehow they're not in. Hopefully some people will be turned on to the other groups, which are all worthy.

There's a good chance we can get Cud into the next one, and maybe some of the other suggestions that didn't make it this time.

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