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Picture Wars , Part II


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I know you didn't post that photo.

Read what the person who did post it wrote on it.

It says, "Direct link to someone else's images, you 'tards."

What a lot of us have been doing when posting images is right clicking the photo, clicking on "properties" and copying and pasting the link in the image box.

This is called "direct linking". By doing this, you are using up some of that web site's bandwidth.

That is why many sites do not want you to direct link from them. They'd rather you save the image to your hard drive and then put it on an image hosting site such as photo bucket, etc. and then use that link in the image box.

I doubt that they have your password. What they prolly did was changed the photo at that link to the one that you saw on the board. That would make that photo show up in place of the one that was originally there.

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Way to go, jr. :thumbsup:

The joker was trying to ruin Batman's reputation but failed again.

Batman was always a law-abiding citizen. Reminds me of the one episode when Batman and Robin parked the Batmobile to go after the criminals and Batman stopped to put money in the parking meter.

Robin questioned him about it and Batman said something to the effect of contributing to the community.

I still laugh at that episode to this day. LOL

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