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Picture Wars , Part II

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Hi Edna. No, I didn't know there was an original version of "Mars Attacks". I've only seen the one where Slim Whitman's version of "Indian Love Call" kills the Martians.

In Australia we used to get English and American comics/books when I was a kid and I know TinTin and Snowy from the 1950s. They weren't all that big here though.

I didn't really know her, but I see she was the opera singer who always got the Captain's name mixed up. :)

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How does ... Human Nature ... kill Prohibition?

I think we all naturally try to circumvent restrictions of any kind. America's album is just keeping this Songfacts thread in a 'musical' vein.

Old 55,

The issue of 'captions' came up in Picture Wars I, but, to me, the whole idea is to come up with wry, clever, thought- provoking and fun images in response to the preceding picture. If I don't 'get' a particular response, I don't question that -- I'll maybe sit out a round and see where things go.

I keep in mind that these Wars games aren't really win-able, and try not to be too literal-minded (for example, the actual cause of death for some individual pictured). I don't care for palaver with the pictures. :angel:

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I saw both the old and the new movie



I'm guessing these are the movies you had in mind: the 1953 classic Invaders From Mars and the disappointing 1986 remake.

Mars Attacks was based on a 'Mom-Disapproved' set of trading cards.

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Eric Burdon... black in white...

Bazooka, I saw an old movie about Mars invasion when I was a kid... I don´t remember the plot exactly, probably not like Tim Burton´s version, which was basically funny... this one must be the 1953 one...

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